Parents describe how SGS inspires confidence in their students

The Saint George's community -- teachers, staff, and parents -- inspires confidence in our students.  Here are the ways current parents describe the changes they've seen in their children while at SGS:

Our son is just finishing up his first semester at Saint Georges and loves it! Clearly the academics have been a challenge. Early in the semester his teachers recognized both his capabilities and the struggles he was having in achiving at the same rate he had before SGS. The individual attention he received made all the difference. With hard work and committed teachers, slowly but surely he has become more confident. He now has a better picture of what he can become. He loves getting to school every day!
- Chris Watkins 

It was over. The theater went from dim to bright and there was a buzz of excitement as the audience discussed how much they loved the production. My husband and I on the other hand were silent, stuck in our chairs, lost in our own thoughts. We had just watched our easy-going, basketball toting 7th grade son sing and dance his way across the stage in a high school play. When he was asked to be a part of the cast my only thought was, "I hope he learns his lines." I didn't realize he was a main role. I didn't realize he would be singing solos. I didn't realize he would be wearing face paints and tights!

Out in the gathering hall, we found our son, laughing and eating cookies with his friends. His shy smile and dimples clearly showing as people congratulated him and told him "Nice job!" Musical theater was something I would have never picked for him or encouraged him to do. He barely talks at home and is never dramatic so it hadn't crossed my mind. For Saint George's to bring this out in him and offer him this opportunity is priceless. Although each performance still leaves me a little shocked, I love to settle into the audience and watch my quiet boy magically transform into something or someone else on stage. To hear his loud, clear voice singing and watch his face full of expression brings me so much joy. Every time before it starts I ask him, "Are you nervous?" and he answers confidently, "Why would I be nervous? This is fun!"
- Kara Henning

My daughter began her journey at SGS three years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made as a parent. Each year her classroom teachers took the time to not only further her academic skills and foster an even deeper love of learning through hands on, interactive projects, but they cultivated a confidence in her, gently demanding that she assert herself and let her voice be heard. Every year my daughter has flourished even more than the year before.


The teachers and entire faculty at the Lower School know each student individually and treat them accordingly, allowing each student to be their best selves. Every concern I have had for my daughter's well-being has been addressed by each of her teachers without fail. They have set her up for success moving into middle school next year and I couldn't be happier with my daughter's academic success, problem solving abilities, her self confidence and exploratory mindset that SGS has carefully cultivated! I will be forever grateful and look forward to what the future holds for my daughter moving into the next chapter of her academic career with opportunities abound.
- Holly Gorman

Saint George’s has provided just the right mix of safe environment and positive learning conditions for pushing students to the next level in development, which allows them to show their strengths and discover their abilities. Our son has developed the confidence to speak up for others, demonstrate a balanced perspective on issues, and try new things both academically and socially. As partners in education, this school has shaped him into a person who is knowledgeable about the world and the social issues impacting all of us. Saint George’s has fostered a sense of compassion to serve others and has instilled an obligation to take knowledge and put it into action.


When our son first came to Saint George’s, he was quiet, shy, and a bit unsure of himself in some contexts. Friday morning assemblies and school-wide celebrations brought out a side to him that showed his sensitivity, sense of humor, logic, and team spirit. By helping him feel encouraged to take risks, Saint George’s has provided a rich, encouraging, learning environment that allowed him to test the limits of his own potential. He now is developing skills in two languages, takes initiative to communicate with teachers independently, and he has discovered a love of science, art, photography, and the outdoors. Just as the rock or leaf produces a ripple effect in the water, so is the impact of this school. Saint George’s teaches the whole child, and in doing so, inspires the confidence in children to contribute as leaders and truly be part of a community that works together to effect change.
- Georgina Lynch

Our daughter has blossomed in the Lower School. We tried the local elementary school after one year at Saint George’s, and found that she was just not challenged. She was so happy to come back to SGS and be taught by teachers who care so deeply about making sure that she is learning and trying new things every day. She hates if she ever has to miss school because there is so much to look forward to each day. This year, I have seen her confidence grow in many areas: academics, especially math and reading, as well as extra curriculars like basketball and trying out for a leading part in the 5th grade musical. It is amazing to see watch her embrace the opportunities offered at SGS.
- Joelle Neiwert

I have two kids that are currently attending Saint George’s. One in the Middle School and one in the Upper School. The academics, extracurricular activities, and the various other programs available to the kids are truly exceptional. As wonderful as those things are, they aren’t my most favorite things about our school. The truly remarkable thing about Saint George’s is the community.


Your child’s struggles as well as their victories do not go unnoticed. This extends beyond your children and touches you, the parents, as well. My family went through a big personal hardship a few years ago. Instead of feeling on an island, we were enveloped in support. The parents, teachers, coaches and administration desire to see your child thrive and succeed. Their hope is to have your child leave Saint George’s with the tools necessary to make positive impacts on the world around them. They are truly invested in your child for the long term. Saint George’s is a place where life-long relationships are forged, leadership is learned and community inspired.
- Heidi Melville