Global Academic Excellence Scholarship

2020-21 Academic Year

Saint George’s School (SGS) inspires students to strive for excellence in everything they attempt.  Their efforts are evidenced by their academic achievements, athletic championships, and artistic endeavors.   Further evidence is provided by their outstanding acceptances into the most prestigious colleges and universities across the globe.  SGS is an International Baccalaureate World School and we are looking for globally minded citizens who will contribute to the diversity of our community. It is our intent to do more than just educate young minds, our mission is: Inspiring scholars, athletes and artists to serve and lead others.  Like the mission, our core values provide guidance and direction for our community.  We strive to live by these values at all times:  Honesty, Respect, Generosity of Spirit and Best Efforts.

SGS will bestow this prestigious award to top International Students who exemplify these traits. This is a $4,000 scholarship for new international student (F-1 Visa) applicants based on an applicant's entering grade point average, test scores and personal profile.  A certificate will be provided for the honored student to use for future college and scholarship applications.

Apply early!  It is essential to apply for admission and have your test scores sent to SGS as soon as possible.  Due to the competitive nature and limited number of scholarships available, the priority deadline for this program is February 1, 2020.  If you meet the qualifications, this scholarship will be awarded upon your acceptance.  This award will be applied to SGS tuition.  This scholarship is available to new students only.

The Global Academic Excellence Scholarship is renewable once per school year for the duration of the student’s enrollment at SGS.  The recipient must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater to retain the award. 

Global Academic Excellence Scholarships are highly competitive and require both high test scores and a high GPA. Initial awards will be offered to those with internet based TOEFL test scores of 75 or higher (or equivalent score from another standardized English test), and a 3.3 or greater cumulative GPA

Individual Review
Students who do not meet both of the above standards may be considered for the Global Academic Excellence Scholarship through individual review. Through this process, the Selection Committee will review all available information about a student’s application, carefully considering all aspects of a student’s academic background and accomplishments. Submission of test scores and transcripts with GPA is still required.