Our Values

Four traits that we strive to live by

You can tell a lot about a school by what it values. At Saint George’s, we believe in – and try to live by – these core values: 


Our school exists in a climate of honesty and trust, which sustains our community and encompasses all of its transactions. We strive to be honest in our work, in our dealings with one another, and with ourselves. Integrity is everyone’s responsibility. 


We respect one another, our school, our country, our environment, and ourselves. We respect all the differences in others that contribute to the diversity of our community. We demonstrate respect for ourselves through self-examination and a serious commitment to behaving uprightly. We demonstrate our respect for others in many ways: by respecting their physical space, by respecting their feelings and beliefs, by listening when they speak, by respecting their right to live in a physically and psychologically safe community. We demonstrate respect for our environment by bearing in mind how fragile it is and how irreplaceable, and by acting to preserve and protect the world in which we live. 

Generosity of Spirit

At all times, we seek to act with the welfare of others as the highest priority. We treat one another with empathy and kindness. We accept responsibility for the impact our words and deeds have on others. We assume the best of intentions in one another. We are optimists. We believe in forgiveness, forbearance, and patience. 

Best Efforts

We value doing one’s best -- in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in all our endeavors. We attempt to be our best selves. We believe in teamwork, competition, and collaboration, and we connect effort with excellence.