Saint George’s Lower School is a great place to learn

Walking into the Lower School, your child begins a new journey into learning.  Our community celebrates the joy of working and playing together.  SGS will encourage your child to explore their diverse world, expand their creativity, develop their sense of self, and build lasting friendships.  Our teachers provide an enriched environment that nurtures our core values of honesty, respect, generosity of spirit, and best efforts.             

Our mission statement, “Inspiring scholars, athletes, and artists to serve and lead others,” drives our rigorous and innovative curriculum in the classroom, on the field or stage, and in the community. The personal teacher-student connection fosters self-expression, inquiry, critical thinking, and risk-taking. Together, we pursue our passion to be lifelong learners.

In the private school setting, our teachers are free to develop a comprehensive curriculum that strives to propel your child towards their potential.  Your child is empowered to take ownership of their learning and is encouraged to translate their knowledge into action and reflection.  Collaborating with others or working individually, your child will receive a solid foundation in the core subjects with emphasis in developing 21st Century Skills and global awareness.      

Come visit the Lower School where the spirit of discovery, the excitement of learning, and the joy of being a child is boundless.

Kathy Johnson 
Head of Lower School