College Counseling

Personal attention, great resources, and experience in the college process

A college prep school should understand the college process, and Saint George’s does. Each student and their family receives individualized guidance throughout the process from our college counseling team, beginning with informative meetings on college and financial aid options in Middle School and continuing through the student’s Upper School years. 

A steady stream of college representatives visit our campus. Your student will learn about schools they might not have considered and compare how their academics and outside activities match up with what colleges are looking for in their applicants. In fact, we’ve built relationships with colleges across the country. Our counseling team knows what different schools offer and can share that with your student or contact admissions counselors with advice about your student's particular student’s situation.

Furthermore, Family Connection is an online college search service provided by Saint George’s for its students and families. They can take an interest survey, see how they compare with other Saint George’s students that have applied to different schools, keep track of their applications, keep their activity resume current, and link to helpful web sites for scholarships and the inside scoop on their top schools. It is a great tool to help students narrow their search—and for parents and the counselor to monitor their progress—on the way to gaining admission to the right school for them.