THE Alumni Association:

If you attended Saint George’s, you're a member!

The Alumni Association of Saint George’s School is YOU! There are no dues. You are a member by virtue of your walk across Graduation Bridge. Former students who did not complete their senior year but left the school in good standing also are members. As alumni of SGS, you experienced the unique opportunity to receive not only an outstanding education; you were also an integral part of an environment that provided both staff and students with a sense of community and belonging.

In the Inland Northwest alone there are over 500 alumni and former students. Including Seattle and places like the Bay Area, Southern California, New England, and the Midwest, you number more than 1,100, and those are just the ones we know about. Saint George’s continuing reputation as the area’s best school is due in large measure to the caliber of its alumni and former students. 
The Alumni Association encourages all of our alumni to continue as part of our SGS community long after they leave the school. The continued commitment of our alumni is part of what truly allows Saint George’s School to continue our tradition of excellence.

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The Alumni Board OF DIRECTORS

A small group of dedicated alumni and former students living in the Spokane area make up the Alumni Board of Directors. The Board is dedicated to promoting a continuing and mutually beneficial relationship between our alumni and Saint George’s School.

Members of the Saint George’s Alumni Board of Directors include:

President: Gerhard Muelheims '10
Vice-President: Robert Jones '82
Secretary Treasurer: Tyson Bostrom ‘11
Senior Class Board Director: Ceci Bergquist ‘18
Caroline Hammett ‘16

Andy Hoye '65
David Holte '01
Will Tender '14
Sophia Karel '15
Madison Ward '17

Members of the Saint George’s Alumni Board strive to: 


Encourage alumni to maintain a strong sense of identity with and commitment to Saint George’s School.


Work with School Advancement to produce ongoing SGS events, programs, and activities.


Communicate with alumni to contribute their varied resources to students, faculty, and other alumni.


Help alumni utilize the available connections and experiences of other alumni and the school as meaningful benefits throughout their lives, both professionally and personally.


Positively represent the school in the Spokane community and beyond.


Bridge the gap between current alumni and soon-to-be alumni to encourage long-term relationships with the school.

If you are a Saint George’s alumni and wish to participate in either the Alumni Association or the Alumni Board, please contact Jamie Tender in the Development Office at 509.464.8764 or at