The Arts at Saint George's

We inspire each student to perform and grow creatively

Students at Saint George’s School develop their creative abilities in many ways. Just consider our annual celebration of the arts where drawings, paintings, collages, photographs and ceramics line the halls, choirs sing out, writers read their own stories, and drama students perform sketches from plays! 

These exuberant colors and thought-provoking images are the product of a carefully crafted curriculum. Saint George’s students begin their artistic journey in the Lower School’s classrooms and a beautiful new art and music building with fun, hands-on projects. Middle School students broaden their horizons under the guidance of teachers who are professional artists as well as visiting performing and visual artists. 

By the time they reach Upper School, our students are reaching challenging artistic goals. They earn regional awards for their artwork and musical performances, International Baccalaureate college credit, and admission to art, music and drama programs at selective colleges and universities across the country.

Come look around Saint George’s. Our students’ extraordinary talents are showcased in every classroom, stage, gallery and hallway - distinguishing them as individuals and creative thinkers.

The visual arts at SGS help students explore, experiment and engage with their creativity, personal expression and individuality.