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The Upper School's Spirit Week March 15-19 featured student competitions each day.  Here are a bunch of photo galleries of the activities!

On Monday, students and staff shared their Favorite Background Images of where they'd like to be when they are distance learning.  The gallery has their teachers' favorites.  On Tuesday, it was Twin Day with all kinds of folks dressed alike.  The lunchtime competition was Egg Roulette, where students plopped an egg onto their partner's head to see if it was boiled or raw!  Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day with everyone in green.  That day featured a Trivia Competition where everyone could text the answers to their class representatives.  On Thursday, it was Jersey Day supporting a wide assortment of teams.  The lunch competition was the classic Hungry Hippos Game, where students were rolled across the courtyard floor to gobble up as many balls as possible.  And Friday was the day to wear pajamas and participate in the mid-day Lip Sync Competition.  Thanks to the ASB for organizing the fun activities and the Bingo Night on Friday that finished off the week.

How much fun was the Upper School Spirit Week?  Check out these YouTube videos:  

Spirit Week's Egg Roulette competition had students plop an egg onto their partner's head.  Three raw egg splatters and they're out!  Here are the last two eggs... were they raw or boiled?

The Hungry Hungry Hippos competition featured each class sending students rolling across the courtyard floor to gobble up as many balls as possible in the time allowed.  Go Hippos! 

Spirit Week's Friday featured a lunchtime Lip Sync contest.  Here are YouTube videos of:

"The Ketchup Song":  James, Jack, Max, Maddy and Lydia perfected these dance moves in their Spanish Class.  Here they move to The Ketchup Song from Just Dance.

"Holding Out for a Hero": Nico, Kyley and Aidan were "Holding Out for a Hero" in the Lip Sync contest.

"Since You've Been Gone": Good teachers have some acting ability, but few can match our new Bio teacher Ethan Kane, who knocks this lip sync out of the park! 

"Never Gonna Give You Up": Max Rickard makes you believe him with this performance.

"Classic": The Upper School boys shared their energetic version of "Classic". 

"Footloose": Saint George’s Upper School Principal Francesca Mulazzi and PE/Health Teacher Mark Rickard cut “Footloose”.  Now that’s spirit!  

Ngozi Asinga, a sprinter who was the first woman to represent Zambia in the 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympics, joined junior and senior students from Mark Rickard's Sports, Exercise and Health Science classes on March 10 via Zoom from Lusaka, Zambia.  She answered their questions about her physical and mental preparation for the Olympics.  After attending college in the U.S. and living in Atlanta for 30 years, Ngozi returned to Zambia to open Go-Go Fitness, where she is a pioneer in bringing fitness and health to Zambian women.  She is also a good friend of Francesca Mulazzi, the Head of Upper School at SGS.  Watch the 25-minute Video of the students insightful questions and Ngozi's thoughtful answers!

Upper School History students researched lesser known African American figures from the 20th Century and made short presentations on them to SGS students and staff for Black History Month.  Watch presentations on Feb. 25 by Alli Dixon on Zora Neale Hurston, by Zadie Rigsby on Angela Davis, and by Reagan Ivey on Stokely Carmichael, as well as presentations on Feb. 26 by Carol Wolff on Marsha P. Johnson and by Chaitanya Nalluri, Paul Darnall and Kyley Doughty on Bayard Rustin.  You can also view PDFs of each presentation's slides for Hurston, Davis, Carmichael, Johnson, and Rustin.

Upper School students are invited to a free ASB Movie Night on Friday, February 19 at 7pm in ESAC Gym.  Watch the Disney film "The Princess and the Frog."  Students should bring blankets and pillows to sit on at this socially-distanced event.  Snacks provided!

Congratulations to the SGS Spokane Scholars candidates for 2021.  These seniors combine top grades and innovative projects or accomplishments in six different fields.  They are Gabi Cunningham (World Languages), John DeForest (Sciences), Reagan Ivey (Arts), Chaitanya Nalluri (English), Winnie Wu (Social Studies), and Henry Xu (Math).  They will join seniors from all local high schools competing for up to $4,000 in scholarship funds at the Spokane Scholars event in April.  Go Dragons!

Saint George's will begin bringing students back to the Upper School in a staggered roll-out.  This week (Jan. 11), grades 11 and 12 are invited to learn on campus Tuesday through Friday.  Grades 9 and 10 will learn on campus Thursday and Friday.  Next week (Jan. 19), grades 9-12 are invited to learn from campus on Tuesday through Friday.  See more details on Dr. Francesca Mulazzi's Weekly Letter.

In order to bring students back to campus safely, we have three focus points for students:

Awareness: Be conscientious of the distance between you and your friends; stand and sit on red dots, walk along the yellow arrows.
Breaks: Be aware of your friends and neighbors when you are at your locker and in the hallway; stand on a dot when possible, walk along the yellow arrows; teachers will let students out on breaks in staggered breaks.
Lunch: Sit in one of the eight designated areas: US Courtyard, Library, Theatre Courtyard, or five classrooms designated as lunch zones, sit and eat at a red dot.

Thank you, parents and families, for your patience as we have waited for the right time to move to this next step. 

Upper School advisory groups spent time before holiday break decorating the doorways of their teachers.  Then six judges weighed in on their favorites and created some thematic names that went into the awards that were placed outside of each door. 

Congratulations on the winning designs -- Rachel Hildie's door ("How the Grinch Stole Math Class" - 4th place), Judi Morgan's door ("Picture Perfect Winter" - 3rd place), and Cassey Buchman's & Jamie Billings' doors ("Home for the Holidays - Spanish Land" - 2nd place).  The top prize went to David Demand's advisory for their Yeti-themed "Say 'yes' to the Prom" design!  See a Photo Gallery of all the door designs, and thanks to everyone who made the Upper School a festive, colorful, and beautiful place for the holidays!

The senior tradition of dressing up in costumes for their final photos continued after an early fall snowstorm.  See a Photo Gallery of their creative outfits, including the full cast of the classic TV cartoon "Scooby Do, Where Are You?"  Go Class of 2021!

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