Athletic News

Hosting Upper Columbia Academy on Oct. 15, the boys varsity soccer team's offense was unstoppable!  See a Photo Gallery of some of the game's highlights.

The boys JV soccer team will face off against the faculty and staff at 4pm on Wednesday, Oct. 16.  Then they will take on the SGS alumni team on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 11am; both matches are on the school's soccer pitch.  Come cheer on your favorite players and teams in these annual "non-conference" events!

The boys JV soccer team hosted Upper Columbia Academy on Oct. 8 and were cheered on by the varsity squad.  After falling behind 2-0, the Dragons rallied to a 3-2 victory.  See a Photo Gallery of the action!

Our 2nd through 5th grade runners raced across the SGS lawns, through the woods, and down the sandhill to the finish on Sept. 27.  See photo galleries of the 2nd Grade Girls Race, the 2nd Grade Boys Race, the 3rd/4th Grade Girls Race, the 3rd/4th Grade Boys Race, the 5th Grade Girls Race, and the 5th Grade Boys Race on a rainy afternoon where the sun finally shone through!

Saint George's hosted a Middle School cross country race on Oct. 1.  See photo galleries of the Boys Race and the Girls Race as they were running across campus, through the woods, and down the sandhill to the finish.

Saint George's volleyball teams hosted Chewelah on Sept. 26.  See photo galleries of the Volleyball C Team in action, the JV Team's Match, and the Varsity Team's Players in the Errol Schmidt Athletic Center Gym.

The 8th graders raced across campus, through an obstacle course, shooting arrows, and canoeing down the Little Spokane River on Sept. 25.  See a Photo Gallery of all parts of the competition.  Love their energy!

Saint George's hosted a high school cross country meet on Sept. 17 that ran across the fields, through the woods above campus, and down the sandhill to the finish.  Here are photo galleries from the Girls Race and the Boys Race that focus on our Dragon runners.

The Dragon volleyball teams played the Wilbur Wildcats on Sept. 17.  Here is a Photo Gallery of shots from the C Team and Varsity matches by 10th grader Lydia Bade.

The boys varsity soccer team opened their season with a non-district match hosting Lake City on Sept. 12.  See a Photo Gallery of the match, and read about the prospects for this year's boys and girls teams in the S-R Sports Soccer Preview (look at bottom under NE2B Girls and Boys sections).

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