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"There’s nowhere to hide when you’re a journalist in Jackson Hole. I run into sources in the grocery store, at the trailhead and even perched on the chairlift. Living and working in a small resort community gives me even more motivation to write fair, accurate stories. It’s always fun to walk into a coffee shop and see someone holding my work in their hands...  [Click Read More to see the rest of this article by Kylie Mohr '12.]

"The show I’ve worked on the most is Z Nation, which can be found on Netflix.  We shot our last season this past summer, and I was an assistant production coordinator during most of it.  Essentially that job is managing all the travel, housing, and additional needs of crew, on top of filling in all the cracks that the other positions on the film don’t cover.  Like planning the wrap party or standing in as the body double for a nurse being stabbed...  [Click Read More to see the rest of this article by Alixandra Saucier '12.]

The Class of 1979 is planning a reunion and family picnic for Saturday, July 20 on Graduation Lawn.  The picnic will be a DIY affair, according to organizer Brian Foxworthe -- "a packed picnic basket and a blanket (or a couple beach towels or lawn chairs) are all that's needed."  The picnic will start at Noon and continue into the afternoon.  If attendees want to add other activities, such as golf, wine tasting, dinner, or a Sunday brunch, then contact Brian at or  

Seven recent SGS graduates returned to campus on January 3rd for a panel discussion with students and parents about college life and the IB Diploma.  In case you missed their insights, we have posted videos of their Q&A Session with Students in Grades 8-12 (20 minutes long) and Q&A Session with Parents of Students in Grades 8-12 (67 minutes long) on the SGS YouTube Channel.
As they reflected on their skills in colleges across the country, they gave these insights when asked “how did the holistic approach of the IB shape you moving forward in life”:

- Helped my critical thinking;
- Made me a better learner;
- Allowed me to explore your interests and things I never thought I would;
- Encouraged me to see across the lines;
- Allowed me to take a subject and use it to help me in another subject (gave an example of how a Spanish class helped a History class);
- Allowed me to combine learning in all subjects;
- Allowed me to see the connection between different classes and how they rely on each other.

Please watch to see the full Q&A sessions and contact Elizabeth Tender, IB Coordinator, if you have any questions at

The Fall-Winter 2018-19 issue of the Saint George's Magazine features a of variety of stories by Alyson Galow '17 about Recent SGS Graduates who are pursuing their college dreams with confidence.  Read about Brooke Martin '17 exploring the Internet of Things, Michael Thew '16 building an Outdoor Adventure Club in Chicago, Allison Milbrath '16 practicing Health Care in Panama and Chile, Malinda Wagstaff '16 finding the Power of Music, Michael Metro '16 pursuing Research and Mentoring, Sawyer Spackman '15 building Inclusive Communities, Megan Corn '15 studying kidney stones in Space and Snakes on the ground, Jamie Nord '15 preserving Tribal History, and John Hatheway '15 helping The Photo Ark speak to everyone on the planet.  Plus there are articles on another group of young alumni returning to share their Insights of College Life and a profile of Penn Fix '68 and his Jewel of a Store - Dodson's Jewelers.  See all of the articles - and links to additional photos, news and videos - at

Former Dragon basketball players and friends returned to the Schmidt Center Gym for a fierce but friendly game of basketball on Dec. 23.  Thanks to Bob Jones '82 for this Photo Gallery of their game.

Seven recent SGS graduates returned on January 3rd to speak to students and parents about their college experiences.  Isaac Werkman '16 (Columbia Univ.), Noah Halliburton-Link '18 (Western Washington Univ.), Alana Foster '17 (St. Andrews Univ.), Caroline Hammett '16 (Pepperdine Univ.), Kate Tender '18 (Wake Forest Univ.), Ceci Bergquist '18 (Notre Dame Univ.), and Madie Ward '17 (Univ. of Montana) shared their insights about the value of the IB curriculum, the challenges of time management, and what colleges are looking for high school students to do to prepare for success.  See a Photo Gallery of the alumni panel on campus.

Recent graduates returned to share in the annual Holiday Feast on Dec. 19.  See a Photo Gallery of these alumni who enjoyed seeing old friends.

Seven recent SGS graduates will return to the school on Thursday, Jan. 3 to speak about their college experience and how best to prepare for success after Saint George's.  They will speak to parents and friends of SGS from 2:15pm to 3:10pm in the Dragon Room.  They will spend time earlier in the day with current 8th-12th graders, discussing the IB, college admissions, and the best courses to take to prepare for college.  For more information, contact Elizabeth Tender.

The SGS Boys Soccer JV team faced a team of SGS alumni and coaches on Saturday, Oct. 20.  See a Photo Gallery of that fun contest between energy and experience!

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