Arts News

SGS is hosting the Gonzaga Repertory Dance Company on Friday, Dec. 6 at 2:30 in Founders Theater for grades 5-12.  Their performance is titled, Poetry In Motion, “an interdisciplinary project using poetry, music, dance and science.  The poem was written by a dancer who died at the age of 25 of cancer.  The presentation is about 20 minutes long with dance, music and spoken word intertwined throughout, with a audience talkback and discussion directly following.”   

The group of dancers includes 8 Gonzaga students ranging from freshmen to seniors, who not only study dance but a range of additional majors such as Physics, Public Relations, Business, etc.  They are led by Suzanne Ostersmith, mother of alums, Daniel ’15 and Nik ’13, who is Director of the GU Dance Program and Interdisciplinary Arts Minor.

Lower School artists created various pieces for the Spanish holiday Dia de los Muertos that are on display in the hallway.  See a Photo Gallery of some of their Day of the Dead creations.

After the 4th grade's field trip to the WSU art museum to see an exhibit of prints by Polly Apfelbaum, they created their own geometric prints.  See a Photo Gallery of their colorful creations.

The 3rd graders used chalk pastels and the 5th graders used charcoal in these drawings of pumpkins.  See a Photo Gallery of what they learned about drawing from life and using value to create form.

Four 2D Art students have their work displayed in the Upper School Art Gallery during November.  Each chose a work that illustrates a different school of visual arts.  Check them out!

The 9th grade artists created intricate drawings in the style of Where's Waldo.  See a Photo Gallery of them with their drawings and see a close up of each to view the details.

The 6th graders made prints with styrofoam and markers that are on display in the Middle School entrance.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations.

US Art teacher Judi Morgan and four of her students drew portraits of Pakistani children from photos.  The portraits are being sent to the children, while copies are on display in the Art Gallery until early December.  See a Photo Gallery of their drawings.

The new Lower School art and music building is taking shape before our eyes!  See photo galleries of the process of Laying the Foundations and of the work in October of Framing the Structure.  Plus see a gallery of All the Lower School students and staff in their Halloween costumes in front of the building.  The teachers chose a hard hat theme for their costumes this year!


Auditions for the spring musical "Guys and Dolls" will be held at lunch and from 3:15-5pm on Tuesday, Nov. 19 and Wednesday, Nov. 20.  Students can contact David Demand or check the Drama bulletin board for details.  We will need a minimum of 12-15 guys and 12-15 girls for this production, which tells the story of New York gamblers and Salvation Army missionaries with a host of memorable songs.

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