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Chem Class Tie-Dyes T-shirts

September 09, 2019

Pete O'Brien's 10th grade Chemistry classes tie-dyed t-shirts to learn about dyes and see what kind of designs they could make.  Here's a Photo Gallery of the results!

Saint George’s School will celebrate the start of construction for its new Arts Building with a groundbreaking ceremony at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 6.  Lower School students will sing and a representative of Greater Spokane Inc. will be present at the ceremony, which will serve as the start of the Lower School Assembly that morning.  The new 3,357 sq. ft. facility will have three primary spaces: a Music Room for grades K-5, an Art Room with kiln for grades K-8, and an Art Gallery with seating.  The structure was designed by NAC Architects and is scheduled for completion in April 2020. 

Students created all kinds of objects with clay and then fired and painted their work.  See a Photo Gallery of the design process and final results from this week-long summer camp.

Students in the Intro to PhotoShop and Illustrator summer camp designed creatures, posters and colorful effects.  See a Photo Gallery of them at work and of some of their creations.

Now you can view the video on the SGS Art and Music Program that premiered at the Spring Gala "Art Party" on May 4.  Thank you to everyone that joined us for an enjoyable evening of fellowship and fundraising.  We raised over $150,000 at that enjoyable evening of fellowship and fundraising, and then SGS received several additional gifts to help us reach our goal for the evening -- supporting the new LS/MS Arts Center and Technology upgrades.  Enjoy watching the Arts Video, and you can still support these initiatives through the Gala Giving Page.  The architects are completing the design documents for the new facility and the school plans to break ground this summer!

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival has belatedly announced that the Saint George's Jazz Choir was selected as the Grand Sweepstakes winner of the Festival back on Feburary 22nd.  SGS music director David Demand received the news and the impressive trophy last week.  The grand sweepstake winner is selected from the Winner’s Concert, where SGS performed as the top B Division school.  See a video of the choir's Performance of Cloudburst at the concert.  (Curious what those hard-to-catch lyrics are?  Check here.)

The May Term "Science and Art" class found a variety of ways to turn science projects into artworks.  See a photo gallery of Flow Paintings with amazing designs using silicone to keep the paint colors separate.  Plus see a gallery of Shadow Prints of natural or mechanical objects they created using coated paper and fabric that are sensitive to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight. 

The May Term Latin Class spent one morning creating a 7-layer wedding cake topped with a My Little Pony.  The result was kind of a leaning tower but surprisingly colorful and tasty, as you can see in this Photo Gallery!

May Term closed on June 4th with an hour of performances in Founders Theater by the Dance class, Entrepreneurship class, and several short films by the Film class.  See a Photo Gallery of shots from the performances, as well as videos of the Dance class' performances of a Hip Hop Number, a Banghra-Style Indian Dance, and "Steam Heat" from the Pajama Game.  Plus watch two short films created by the Film class -- the scary Pizza Night and a compilation of Paranoid Newscasts -- that premiered at the end of May Term.

Come to the Upper School Art Gallery to see a remarkable exhibit.  Senior Kyrie Woodard is displaying her CAS project of interviewing the homeless of Spokane.  She spent the past two years interviewing 31 members of the community and taking some powerful photos.  Some of their stories are truly heartbreaking and thought-provoking.  See a Photo Gallery of some of the exhibit, which will be up through May.

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