Arts News

The Lower School students have been drawing things that reminded them of fall.  See a Photo Gallery of their artwork that is up on the Gallery Wall in the new Arts Building.

The 6th graders designed art using a computer program and the school's vinyl cutting machine.  See a Photo Gallery of their colorful creations!

The Upper School Intro to Art students founda photo of an animal and rendered it as a pen and ink drawing of fine lines and dots.  See a Photo Gallery of their remarkable images, which are on display on the wall along the US Courtyard.

The 2nd graders learned Aesop's Fables and performed them for their families on Oct. 28 in the Dragon's Den.  See a Photo Gallery of their costumes and props.

3rd Grade Carves Pumpkin Art

November 01, 2021

The 3rd graders carved pumpkins and decorated the outside of the Lower School on Oct. 28.  See a Photo Gallery of their scary/silly creations.

The 4th graders spent time painting little pumpkins in Art Class and then showing them off.  See a Photo Gallery of them painting their pumpkins and holding them.  Thanks to Maja Rodell '08 for photos of the orange creations, which will be shared as gifts.

The 6th graders used symbols to depict aspects of their identity. See a Photo Gallery of their drawings; can you guess which student created each work of art?

7th Graders Draw Name Art

October 18, 2021

The seventh graders created artwork of their names in the style of Peter Max.  See a Photo Gallery of their colorful creations.

Retired SGS art teacher Linda Smith attended her first Las Vegas Raiders game at Allegiant Stadium on Oct. 10 and saw her paintings on display in the Raiders Hall of Fame!  Here she is (see photo) around section 228 with two of her paintings -- #80 James Lofton and #76 Bob "Boomer" Brown.  "It is such an honor to have been chosen as one of the artists for this project and to have my work displayed among so many amazing, incredibly talented artists!" she said in a Facebook post.  She has a third painting in the Hall of Fame as well.  Congratulations, Linda!

The Kindergarten students learned about textures in art class, then got to use fuzzy pipe cleaners to form a sculpture.  Thanks to Maja Rodell '08, substitute art teacher, for the photos in this Photo Gallery.

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