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Reagan Ivey and Caroline He received high marks for their solos and their small group ensemble performance at the State Solo & Ensemble Competition in Ellensburg on April 26-27.  "They did really well; I was very pleased with their singing," said music director David Demand.  To reach State, both of them won their solo divisions and together won the women's small group competition for all Spokane area high school singers.  

The Whitworth Choir performed for Saint George's Lower School students on Thursday, April 25.  Not only did our students have the opportunity to hear an adult choir, but the Whitworth students demonstrated vocal ranges and explained the different vocal sections of a choir.  Marc Hafso, husband of SGS LS Music teacher Judy Hafso, is the Whitworth conductor.

Upper School artists created these portraits of Syrian refugee children from photos, then sent the originals back to the refugees to keep.  See a Photo Gallery of some of portraits' digital copies on display in the US Art Gallery through the start of May.

The Upper School Drama players presented Beginnings, a set of three one-act plays on April 26-27 in the Dragon Room.  It included "Inspiration" about a blocked writer and her unorthodox Muse; "The Sure Thing" on the difficulties of a first meeting, and the musical "The Diary of Adam and Eve" based on a story by Mark Twain.  See a Photo Gallery of scenes from all three plays, and watch the song "Here in Eden" featuring Alex Gustafson as Eve.

The Lower School Choir's Spring Concert on April 11 in Founders Theater included a variety of music.  The full choir of 3rd-5th graders sang three "Mark Twain Quotes", the 4th graders played a rhythm piece from Zimbabwe called "Mbira Jama", and the full choir ended their performance with the song "Kwaheri". Thanks to all the teachers, parents, and students who made the concert possible!

The 8th graders used glue to create brightly colored beetles and butterflies.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations, which are up on the wall by the Middle School office.

On Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27, Upper School Music and Drama will present a special Coffee House performance of three one-act plays.  The free show is titled "BEGINNINGS -- An evening of one-acts about getting things started."  Curtain time will be 7:30pm in the Dragon Room, and coffee and dessert will be served before and after the show.

The first play is "Inspiration" by Derek Dalke about a blocked writer who gets some unusual coaching from an unorthodox Muse.  Ari Patton-Scruggs is the Writer while Braxton Rickard plays the Muse.  The second play is "The Sure Thing" by Christopher Durang about Betty and Bill navigating the difficult waters of that first meeting.  Bill is played by Max Rickard and Braxton Rickard, while Betty is played by Stella Brown and Ari Patton-Scruggs.  The final play is "The Diary of Adam and Eve" by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick.  Based on a story by Mark Twain, this charming musical is about the first man, the first woman, a wiley snake, forbidden apples and moldy chestnuts.  Jaxon Spackman is Adam, Alex Gustafson is Eve, and Max Rickard plays the Snake.  Come enjoy an evening of BEGINNINGS!

The 5th grades' annual Living Artists Exhibition on March 26 in the Davenport House showcased a variety of 19th & 20th Century artists and the students' copies of their works.  See a Photo Gallery of the students in character showing copies of their works to the rest of the Lower School.  How many artists do you recognize?  And can you identify which painting each of These Samples came from?

SGS Upper School art students drew portraits of Syrian refugee children in March for The Memory Project.  These drawings, and others made by art students across the world, recently were delivered to the refugee students.  This Video captures the pure joy expressed by the children as they received their portraits!  Here's the Photo Gallery of our students with the portraits they drew.  

The dedicated 6th grade made beautiful works of art from a repeating pattern. See a Photo Gallery of their artwork, which is hanging in the Upper School hallway between the theater and the choir room.

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