Arts News

3rd to 5th grade students in the after school Maker Club have been creating things with duct tape, paper mache, fabric, vinyl labels, and even the 3D printer.  See a Photo Gallery from Nov. 19 of all the different things they've learned how to make!

Come enjoy an evening of holiday music by the Middle School and Upper School choirs and instrumental groups.  The performance is at 7:00pm on Wednesday, Dec. 5 in Founders Theater.  Happy Holidays!

Lower School staff and students gathered in their Family Groups to color ornaments for the LS Christmas Tree on Nov. 30.  See a Photo Gallery of the students and their teachers hard at work on the colorful decorations.

Senior Claire Bennett has an exhibit of "Trashy Art" on display in the Upper School Art Gallery.  "I collected the litter for the pieces by going on 'trash collecting walks,' used my artistic leanings to create pieces with the trash, and eventually putting together an exhibition to be displayed," writes Claire in her artist's statement.  "This project contains all three aspects of CAS: creativity, activity, and service."  See what and why she created this exhibit, and it will make you rethink your own use of unsustainable plastic.

See K-1st Block Prints

November 26, 2018

The Kindergarten and 1st grade art classes recently made block prints on different colors of paper.  See a Photo Gallery of some of them on display in the Lower School hallway.

The Upper School 2D art students practiced their drawing technique with these animals, which are on display above the US Art Studio's entrance.  See a Photo Gallery of these drawings that are worth a closer look.

SGS 11th grader Sarah Wu won Honorable Mention at the Washington State Outstanding Artist Competition piano competition in Ellensburg on Nov. 12.  She was in the senior division competing with about 30 top high school pianists from all over Washington state.  Sarah performed a 25-minute program that included a Beethoven Sonata from the classical period, Ballade No. 3 by Chopin from the romantic period, a Debussy piece from the impressionistic period, and a piece by Erwin Schulhoff from the contemporary period.  Congratulations!

The 7th and 8th grade students performed the musical "Honk" on Nov. 8 and 9 in Founders Theater.  See a Photo Gallery of this updated version of "The Ugly Duckling" story that featured a farmyard of characters, as well as a Video of John Nowland (who plays Ugly) singing "Different"  Use the DVD Order Form on the website to be able to enjoy their performance again and again!

During each day of October, SGS students and staff were challenged with creating an ink drawing based off a word prompt.  See a Photo Gallery of the results of their Inktober Challenge that are on display in the hallway by the Dragon Room.

8th Grade Artwork on the Walls

November 05, 2018

Two 8th grade art projects now grace the hallway walls near the Dragon Room.  One is square paintings in the style of Australian Aboriginal dot paintings; the other is hexagon-shaped colored drawings in a kaleidoscope style.  See photo galleries of these colorful Dot Paintings and Kalidescopes.

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