Arts News

SGS juniors Sarah Wu and Lucy Yan did very well in last week's Spokane Piano Competition.  Sarah received First Place in the Senior Classical Division, Honorable Mention in Senior Romantic Division, and Honorable Mention in Senior Impressionist/Modern Division.  Lucy earned Third Place in Senior Romantic Division and Honorable Mention in Senior Classical Division.  The senior division featured students aged 15-18 from Pullman, Tri Cities, Western Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  Congratulations!

SGS 10th grader Reagan Ivey and 7th grader Sirena Coulter-Kress will be performing with the Spokane Youth Symphony this Saturday, Nov. 11 at 4pm in the Fox Theater.  The concert is "Myths and Legends" -- see the Concert Flyer for ticket prices.

The Middle School musical "Honk", a retelling of the story of the Ugly Duckling, will be performed at 7pm on Thursday, Nov. 8 in Founders Theater.  Come enjoy the show, and then use the DVD Order Form to be able to enjoy it again and again!

Saint George's performances of "Celebration" - a 1960's musical by Tom Jones - filled Founders Theater with "cynical wisdom, wide-eyed hopefulness and compelling music".  See a Photo Gallery of the show and a video of "The Love Song".  And you can order a DVD of the Oct. 26 performance with the Order Form on the website.  

Krystal Huang's sketches fill the Upper School Art Gallery during October.  Her "Study in Black and White" includes portraits and scenes.  See a Photo Gallery of some of her work, and stop by to view it all.

It was costume day at the Sept. 28 Lower School Assembly, when the students gathered in their "Family Groups" to create a poster and perform a cheer for their group.  See a Photo Gallery of the creatively-named groups (the Dancing Wolfs, Eleven Musketeers, Team Gummy Bear Dragons, etc.) and their posters and costumes!

"Celebration" - a 1960's musical by Tom Jones - will be performed in Founders Theater this Friday, Oct. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 27 at 7pm.  The show is free and doors open at 6:30pm each evening.  Plus you can order a DVD of the performance with the Order Form on the website.  Come enjoy an evening of musical theater!  

Here's what director Jeanne Hardie says about the production:

CELEBRATION by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt is one of those shows that was frequently performed in the late 60’s and early 70’s but is now mostly a fond memory in the minds of us older baby boomers.  Following the phenomenal success of THE FANTASTICKS, Jones and Schmidt created another musical fable, but here the story is a bit darker as CELEBRATION explores the contrasts between youth and old age, innocence and jaded corruption, love and ambition, and poverty and wealth.  Boy still meets girl, but the outcome is in some doubt.  At one point, the boy, Orphan, wonders if this is, indeed, a musical comedy at all.  “Is there going to be a happy ending or not?” he asks.  Well, never fear.  This IS a musical, and it is funny but also poignant, filled with cynical wisdom, wide-eyed hopefulness and compelling music.  Come join us for a CELEBRATION!

The 1st graders worked together in their Music Class on Sept. 26, while the 2nd graders danced and laugh during their class.  See photo galleries of the 1st Graders and the 2nd Graders with music teacher Judy Hafso. 

The 3rd grade class created 3D art with colorful pipe cleaners and paper on Sept. 26.  See a Photo Gallery of them hard at work on their creations.

Travis Cullitan, Director of Technology, is excited to coach the 3rd-5th Maker Club beginning on Monday, Oct. 15, through Dec. 10th.  Art teacher Jennifer Davenport will be his assistant.  Students will learn about projects using code, video and green screening, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, sewing, printmaking, and more.  Students with no programming experience and those who have been in the club before are welcome to join.  A charge of $75 will be assessed to cover the cost of equipment and snacks for each meeting.  Maker Club will run from 3:15-5pm in the Middle School Courtyard area.  To sign up, please email  Look for the 3rd-5th Maker Club Flyer for more details.

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