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Parents do NOT need to send their student's vaccination records to the school, since our Registrar Tracy Gonser can access the Washington records online.  Only students who were vaccinated outside of Washington state will need their records sent to Tracy.  Thank you!

In support of our local children’s hospital, SGS Community Service students have organized a stuffed animal drive.  The drive, which ends Dec. 16,  will provide much-needed supply of new stuffed animals to patients admitted to Sacred Heart Medical Center.  Your donations will not only comfort children as they undergo a difficult time, but also help teach children about their treatment.  The Children’s Hospital requires all donations be new with tags.  Since the hospital treats a variety of patients, they appreciate stuffed animals of all different shapes and sizes.  Donation boxes will be set up outside of Lower School classrooms and in the Middle and Upper Schools.  Thank you!

The Upper School advisory groups decorated their teacher's classroom door with a holiday theme.  It was time to take them down today, but first Lauren Boubel's advisory gathered with Francesca Mulazzi, Upper School Head, by their door that featured a brightly lighted Francesca.  See a Photo Gallery of all the door decorations.

Social Emotional Learning, or SEL, is the framework that helps children and young adults learn critical skills for everyday success.  Parents and family at home play a huge role in supporting their children’s social and emotional needs.  

Saint George’s Center for Family Engagement is pleased to offer an opportunity for parents to learn more about our SEL program and how to incorporate skills taught at school into your routines at home.  Parents will learn language, strategies, and activities that they can use to support the social emotional growth of their child.  Social emotional learning isn’t just something that should be practiced and taught at school.  SEL skills are life skills that kids can practice anywhere, especially at home. 

Please join presenters, SGS counselor Meghan Kilgore and kindergarten teacher Erika Mullins, for a SEL Presentation for Lower School parents.  Two sessions of the presentation will be offered on Thursday, January 20 at 8:30am and 6:30pm in the Dragon’s Den (basement of Metter’s Gym).  Please RSVP which session you will attend to Meghan Kilgore at by Friday, Jan. 14.  Meghan and Erika are excited for this time of sharing and learning with parents back on campus as active members of our SGS community!

If snowy conditions require a change in SGS bus routes, the school will notify parents.  Look for the revised Snow Day bus routes and times on the SGS website -- most routes will change some stops and times if a Snow Day has been declared.

Recently, several parents have been unable to pick up their children at their bus stop, owing to traffic, weather, or life circumstances.  SGS would like to clarify school policy when this happens.  This policy is for the safety of the students riding the bus.
• A SGS bus driver will not drop off children in the first or second grade without a parent or authorized person present.
• A SGS bus driver will not drop off any student of any age who is uncomfortable at the designated stop (especially late bus or activity students).
• The bus drivers are not allowed to give their cell phone numbers to parents.
• The bus drivers cannot use any electronic device while on the bus.
• The bus driver is only able to wait 2 minutes past their drop off time for consideration of later stop times.
• If a student is not dropped off at their stop and remains on the bus, the driver will contact the appropriate school designate, which will coordinate with the driver and parent to pick up the student at a later stop.
• If the school designate is unable to contact the parent or guardian, the driver will return the student to Saint George’s School at the end of their route.
• The school designate will coordinate the pickup time at the school.
The main contact for all transportation matters is John Young.  He can be contacted at any time at 509-220-0845 (cell) or by e-mail at

The 5th grade spent part of Friday, Dec. 10 sorting food at the big warehouse for 2nd Harvest Food Bank.  They packed Bite 2 Go kits that will be distributed to elementary school children throughout Spokane.  The 5th graders packed 1,734 kits during their time there!  "They almost provided a whole week's worth of kits in just 4 short hours," says Conor Ellert, Supply Chain Director for 2nd Harvest.  "They made a huge difference!" 

The class also toured the 2nd Harvest warehouse and saw where all of the donations -- nearly 5,000 lbs. -- that was collected during the Saint George's food drive ended up.  See a Photo Gallery of their assembly line in the warehouse.  Thank you, 5th graders

Holiday Spirit Week in MS & US

December 13, 2021

To help the Middle and Upper School students and faculty get into the holiday spirit, both divisions are celebrating Holiday Spirit Week with dress up days.  Ho, Ho, Ho and Happy Holidays!

Upper School Holiday Spirit Week:
Tuesday – "The Big 5" (From Lower School Days… 1. Winter Coat 2. Gloves 3. Hat 4. Snow Pants 5. Boots)
Wednesday – Holiday Hat Day (Santa hat, reindeer antlers, etc.)
Thursday – Ugly Holiday Sweater Day
Friday – Candy Cane Day (Dress up in red and white)

Middle School Holiday Spirit Week:
Tuesday - Holiday Sweater
Wednesday - Flannel Day
Thursday - Jersey / Sport Day
Friday - Holiday Hat or other Headwear

Upper School students wrote Thanksgiving cards to the airmen and women stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base on Nov. 23.  See a Photo Gallery of the community service activity and some of the cards, which Audra Gliniak then delivered to the base.  

This year, your support of the Saint George's Annual Fund is critical, and has been magnified by the added demands created by the pandemic.  Through parent donations and the generosity of our entire community, we ensure that the SGS experience continues for all of our students.  All gifts, no matter the amount, make a difference -- so give to SGS today!  
Thank you so much to all those families who have already graciously donated to our Annual Fund.  These gifts help us begin to meet our goal of $190,000 and 90%+ parent participation for the 2021-22 school year.  We are currently a little over 40% to our goal of $190,000 and 22% of families have donated.  As we approach the end of the calendar year, now is a great time to give!  Simply click HERE to start your donation today.  And look for more information tomorrow, Nov. 30, about how you can support SGS on Giving Tuesday...
Participation by Class: 
Grade Total %
K           7%
1          11%
2          38%
3          32%
4          31%
5          12%
6          29%
7          20%
8          22%
9          24%
10        44%
11        12%
12        14%
Total    22%

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