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The SGS Community Service Club is hosting our fall blood drive on Tuesday, November 5 from 9am to 2:30pm.  The school is going for another grant this year and needs 30 successful donations at this drive and then again on March 18, 2020.  Please sign up to donate at:

If your child (who is 16 or 17) is interested in donating as well, you will need to fill out their donor consent form (Use This PDF and print).  Please make sure you and/or your child is eligible to donate by reviewing the donor eligibility page.  Please bring a photo ID (such as a driver’s license) with you when you come to donate.  After, there will be waffles, candy, refreshments and a raffle for you to enjoy.  We encourage you to stay at least 15 minutes after your donation, avoid any strenuous activities for 12 hours, and drink extra water before Tuesday and over the next couple days to ensure that you have the safest experience possible!

Eight Upper School students volunteered on Sunday, November 3 at the 2019 Special Olympics Spokane Bowling Competition at the north side Lilac Lanes.  Jacob Schultheis, John Nowland, Nate Henning, Kade Kaiser, Paul Poole, Gabe Gustafson, Finn Kelly and Gibson Montgomery were each assigned to a lane where they helped the athletes as they bowled.  They also helped make sure the system recorded the score accurately and that bowlers went in the right order.  Then after bowling they transitioned to help out with the awards presentation.  Good work, Dragons!

Only two more days until the 2019-2020 Parent Drive comes to an end on November 8.  Way to go Kindergarten and 2nd Grade for making to 100% parent participation!  So many more classes are almost there, so lets push to make it happen. 

Currently we are at 68% parent participation and need to reach 90%.  We can do this!  Please go to to make your donation.  Or you can stop by the Parent Drive Table at each division during parent conferences to make your donation.  Support our students and teachers with your Annual Fund gift!

We are currently at 54% parent participation in the 5-Week Annual Fund drive.  Can you help us get to 90% by November 8th?  Every gift counts and every gift makes a difference!

Make your contribution to the Annual Fund this week to be counted as participating in the Five-Week Parent Drive.  All pledges can be fulfilled by June 30, 2020.  Head to to make your gift or pledge today!  Go Dragons!

All senior photos for the 2019-20 Yearbook are due by Friday, November 1.  These will print at 3.25" wide by 4" tall, so digital images should be at least 975 x 1200 pixels in size (or over 1 MB).  A senior baby photo (or as a young child) is also due Nov. 1.  It should be at least 500K in size, or you can provide a print to scan and return.  

Each senior also can submit their favorite quotes to appear with their photos in the SGS yearbook.  There is room for 1 to 5 short quotes per senior, which are due Nov. 1.  Submit photos and quotes to John Carter; contact him with any questions at 464-8818.

Fall Colors Paint the Campus

October 28, 2019

October presented both delicate pastels and bold primary colors as the trees and bushes on campus changed with the season.  And they provided plenty of leaves for Lower School recess fun!  See photo galleries of the Fall Colors on Campus and of the 2nd Grade's Leaf Throwing Fun!

Blood Drive Coming Nov. 5

October 28, 2019

SGS Community Service Club is hosting our next blood drive on Tuesday, November 5 from 9am to 2:30pm.  The school is going for another grant this year and needs 30 successful donations at this drive and then again on March 18, 2020.  Please sign up to donate at:

A big thank you to the Parent Association from all of the SGS faculty and staff for serving them a scrumptious lunch last Tuesday, Oct. 22 in the Schmidt Center.  As LS head Kathy Johnson wrote in her letter to parents, "We appreciate all that our parents do for us.  The generous gift baskets and gift bags always add to the excitement of the event!"  See a Photo Gallery of the lunch, including a seemingly endless selection of desserts!

Wonder how you can make an impact by supporting Saint George's students?  Get a quick answer to your questions by watching This Video.  Then be sure to Give Now on the SGS website to Power the Dragon and help our students make their own impact on our world!

From taking the PSAT test to eating an Oktoberfest lunch to trying out a variety of stress relieving and community building activities, the Middle and Upper School students enjoyed a full day on Wed., Oct. 16.  See a Video Overview of their day as well as photo galleries of taking the PSAT Exam, enjoying an Oktoberfest Lunch, their Community Day Outdoor Activities (capture the flag, walking and petting dogs, photo scavenger hunt, chalk drawings), their Quieter Activities (reading to Kindergarten students, practicing yoga, learning mindfulness techniques), and their Arts & Games Activities (face painting, painting kindness rocks, drawing, playing games).  It was a fun way to connect with students in different grades and build up the SGS community! 

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