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Save the date of Saturday, May 4 for the SGS Spring Gala at the nearby Kalispel Golf and Country Club from 5-7pm.  See a new video about the school and learn more about the new Lower & Middle School Arts Building being built this year.  Appetizers and drinks provided, and any adult family members of SGS students are welcome to attend.  See you then!

Saint George's students' "Generosity of Spirit" is reaching out to help others in need.  The 3rd graders will donate all $646.19 of profits from their business, Sunny Snack Shack, to a California community trying to rebuild after last summer's horrific wildfires.  Third-grade teacher Denie Inman reached out to Paradise Unified School District, and their response was one of pure gratitude.  The business donation will go towards purchasing needed science supplies, such as solar and wind kits, along with passes for their first and third-graders to go on a field trip to Table Mountain.  

"Table Mountain is a local formation that has amazing wildflower blooms this time of year," said the educational coordinator for Paradise District.  "With the rain we have had following the fire, wildflowers are blooming in uncommon numbers.  This will be an amazing experience for these students.  It really touches everyone to know we are still in your thoughts." 

Upper School students are invited to try their luck at Bingo Night at 7pm on Wednesday, March 27 in the US Courtyard.  No RSVP needed, just come and enjoy snacks and prizes at this fun evening event.  

Thank you to all who have helped us with the blood drive on March 6.  We had 31 donors and 33 units collected, matching Saint George's all time record in 2015!  Give a huge shout out to Sidney Wilcox, the student lead on the committee who oversees the blood drives.  We need to have at least 30 successful donors at our next blood drive on Tuesday, May 14 to earn a $2,000 STEM grant to replace the Outdoor Club's 10-year-old GPS units.  Please use This Link to sign up for it today!

The Middle School celebrated Pi Day (3/14) a day early on March 13th with their annual Pi Day digit memorization contest.  Winners by grade were Annie Sawyer (8th) with 40 digits, Gabby Haigh (7th) with 100 digits, and Oliver Ling (6th) with 146 digits of Pi.  The overall champion was 6th grader Josie McLaughlin with a remarkable 235 digits of Pi!  The 6th grade class averaged 31 digits per person, so they chose Senora McGougan for the dubious honor of being this year's "pie recipient" on Monday, March 18.  See a Photo Gallery of Josie and Oliver treating her to a whipped cream pie in the face!

Every year, more than 90% of eligible Saint George’s School students return for the following school year.  The Admissions Office tries to make the re-enrollment process as user-friendly as possible, such as the recent addition of an electronic enrollment agreement.  But to make things even easier for SGS families and reward such great school loyalty, Saint George's is about to launch "Continuous Enrollment".  See a Timeline Chart for how Continuous Enrollment will be rolled out over the coming year.  

View a Short Video describing what this is and how it will work.  Plus you can see answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the SGS Website under Admissions / Continuous Enrollment.

Saint George's has added a communication feature to the Instant Alert system for announcements about bus delays.  See the Durham Bus Tracking Information and FAQ Sheet on the website for details.

When the school is notified by Durham of mechanical or weather delays, a message will be sent out to parents to let them know which bus is affected and the estimated delay.  While some weather related delays are inevitable in our climate, we would like to keep our families as informed as possible.  Your child’s safety is of utmost importance, and we appreciate your patience with the drivers during winter weather.  During severe winter conditions, the busses are often required to drive with chains which slows down the routes considerably.

If a bus is significantly delayed, and you haven’t received an alert, please contact Durham directly to inquire about the situation at (509) 483-0224 ext. 1.  To ensure you are set up to receive Transportation Alerts, please log into Instant Alert ( and under Alert Set Up, please make sure at least one of the options under TRANSPORTATION has been selected. 

We highly recommend that you have the text feature selected for the Transportation Alert as it will be the quickest way to get bus information.  If nothing is selected, you will not receive Transportation Alerts.   If you do elect to receive Transportation alerts, you will receive all alerts about bus delays.  There is not an option to receive alerts about individual busses.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joelle Neiwert.

Saint George's is hosting a blood drive on Wednesday, March 6 from 11am-5pm.  If at least 30 donors contribute at this drive and the next on May 14, then SGS will receive a $2,000 STEM grant that could replace the aging GPS units our K-12 students use for outdoor activities.  See Blood Donor Requirements and Instructions for Donor Sign Ups in advance of March 6.  Thanks for donating life and helping our students explore nature!

Lunch registrations are now online for grades 6-12 for the second half of Semester 2 (March 19 – May 24).  If you would like to sign up your student, here is the Website Order Form.  A Lunch Calendar explains the program in detail.  Orders are due no later than March 8 at 3:00pm.  New this time are more choices to the Subway option.  We now offer Turkey as an option to the footlongs and have added 6” Combo lunches that include turkey and roast beef options.  The Combo lunches come with regular Lays potato chips and a chocolate chip cookie.  

All the snow and occasional melting makes Saint George's campus a winter wonderland.  Here are photo galleries of the Campus in Snow, Icicles on Buildings, and Deer on Campus from this past week.

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