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The annual tradition of the Dragon Dance at the end of the first week of school brought out all SGS students by class to march behind the seniors under the dragon!  See photo galleries of the kids behind their Class Signs, of the Dragon Dance across Graduation Lawn, and of the seniors who started at SGS Introducing the Kindergarteners.  Plus view a short Dragon Dance Video of this fun tradition.  Go Dragons!

The SGS 2018-19 School Year Calendar that was mailed in the Back to School packet was not the latest version.  CLICK HERE to view and download the latest SGS Calendar for 2018-19.  We apologize for the error.  The PDF Calendar document posted on the Back to School Documents page and events on the website's calendar have been corrected.

The 9th grade class loaded up and headed out on the morning of Tuesday, August 28 for a three-day campout to Upper Priest Lake -- their annual start of school "bonding" trip!  See photo galleries of them Loading the Bus and of their Priest Lake Campout on the SGS website.

The seniors began their year with an overnight stay at Camp Reed, which included time on a challenging ropes course.  See a Photo Gallery of the three teams of seniors encouraging each other and enjoying a beautiful late summer afternoon.  It was a great place to bond as a class and build their confidence!

New families were introduced to Saint George's with a float down the Little Spokane River on Saturday, August 18.  See a Photo Gallery of the colorful boats and paddlers.

The SGS Robotics Team #1595 was one of 9 Western teams invited to Hangzhou, China to mentor Chinese robotics teams and compete in the Qianjiang International Robotics Invitational at the end of July.  The SGS team also won the FRC Ambassador Award for their fifth consecutive year of mentoring high school robotics teams in China. 

See a Photo Gallery of the students and advisors visiting a giant Buddha and waterfall, working with their Chinese counterparts, visiting with several recent SGS alumni, and eating a lot of great meals (including for Rick DeFord's birthday in the last photo)!  Thanks to Clive Luiten for the great photos.

Saint George's has a fantastic set of week-long summer camps planned with a stellar group of instructors to keep your child engaged and excited!  From adventures at Hogwarts Americana with Harry Potter Camp to the tasty combination of soccer and ice cream, our summer program aims to give kids a fun experience while adding a little extra preparation for the upcoming school year.  Go to for information on all the camps and how to register...

A camera aimed at Saint George's front gates has caught a variety of wildlife this spring.  See a 2-minute Wildlife Video featuring deer, turkey, coyote, more deer, bear, cougar, and raccoon!

See the full Graduation Ceremony in these photo galleries from the May 20 event at SGS:  Candids of the Class of 2018, the Introduction to the ceremony, Kind Words being spoken about each senior, the Conclusion of the ceremony, and the Reception in the Schmidt Center afterwards.  Plus view a brief video of the Seniors Walking to the Reception with bagpipes leading the way...

39 seniors received SGS diplomas at the 60th Graduation Ceremony of Saint George's School.  Held on Graduation Lawn in bright sunshine, the annual tradition saw the graduates walk off Graduation Bridge, be individually recognized with "kind words" from head of school Jamie Tender, and receive their diploma from family or friends.  After the ceremony, the local Angus Scott Pipe Band escorted the graduates to Errol Schmidt Athletic Center (see Video of Their March) for a reception.  See a Photo Gallery of candid shots from that festive day!  (More Graduation photos will be posted on the SGS website soon.)

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