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The Class of 2021 staged the annual Senior Prank the evening of April 28, decorating the Upper School with streamers and balloons (many with songs or phrases written on them), and creating a summer/beach theme in their teachers' classrooms.  They even opened a Saint George's Art Museum with highlighted objects from different teachers' classrooms.  See a Photo Gallery of the decorations!  An administrator was on hand to make sure no one got hurt, and the next morning the rest of the Upper School helped clean up the displays.

The annual Joya Penny Drive at SGS runs through Friday, April 30.  Joya (formerly Spokane Guild's School) is a non-profit pediatric therapy provider serving young children in Spokane County.  Joya provided this cute video of kids Explaining the Penny Drive, which helps them offer occupational, physical, and speech therapy along with special education services.  The SGS community has supported Joya for many years by collecting pennies in classroom jugs.  This is a competition between grades in each division.  (The Lower School classroom that collects the most money will be awarded popsicles!)  

Join us for the first ever Saint George's School virtual Spring Gala event on Thursday, May 6 at 6pm to raise money for the Community Fund.  The Gala's Online Auction is now live!  Go to to start bidding or to make a donation. Items include:

• A seven-night timeshare anywhere in the United States;
• Autographed Toporowski hockey jersey;
• A foosball table;
• Naming rights for a parking spot at the Lower School, ESAC, and behind the Middle School;
• Name the road opportunity; 
• Student "Head of School" for a day;
• A slot on the SGS Golf Team at the 2021 Live Mas Golf Tournament benefiting the local Boys & Girls Club. 

Auction bidding will close the day of the Gala prior to its start.  You can Sign Up Here to have a full meal delivered to your home that you can enjoy that evening during the presentation.  And a link for the Gala event on May 6th will be sent out prior to the event.  For more information, contact or call 509-464-8755.

To celebrate Saint George's Feast Day (April 23), the seniors who started at SGS in Kindergarten enjoyed a lunch outside the Schmidt Center Gym.  See a Photo Gallery of them looking at photos of themselves from 2008-09 and hearing their former teachers tell stories about them.  They also gathered for a group photo with their former K teacher Kathy Johnson!  See more photos of them from their Kindergarten Years!  


The Upper School's Casino Night filled Metters Gym on Friday, April 23 with glamour and excitement.  See a Photo Gallery of this semi-formal event that featured fun games of chance where students could earn tickets toward great raffle prizes at the end of the night.  Students also stopped by the Photo Booth to get a photo taken with their friends.

Thanks to more than 60 SGS blood donors during the past year, Saint George's received a check for $2,000 from the local Vitalant blood bank on April 14.  Here are the student volunteers who organized the spring blood drive, along with Head of School Jamie Tender and Director of Community Service Melanie Mildrew.  This is the third year that SGS has received this grant for STEM resources from Vitalant.  Thank you, Dragons!  


Spring is here, so let's talk about "going green."  Saint George's School is helping to reduce carbon emissions in the Northwest, powering both a more sustainable world and the best educational experience in the Spokane area.  Since December 2018, Saint George's has been buying about 50% of its electricity through the Avista Solar SelectTM program.  That amounted to more than 293,000 kilowatt hours of electricity last year.  That saved the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from driving 514,208 miles, or what 44 passenger vehicles would emit when driven for an entire year!  

This power was generated by the largest solar array in Washington state near Lind using 81,700 panels covering 200 acres.  Thanks to state and federal incentives, Avista does not charge an additional cost to the school to purchase electricity from the program.  And then we make some of that power available at an electric car charging station on campus, which was partially paid by an Avista grant!

The Upper School's Casino Night will be 7-10pm on Friday, April 23 in Metters Gym.  This semi-formal event features fun games of chance where students can earn tickets toward the great raffle prizes at the end of the night.  See the graphic above for more details!

Signs of Spring on Campus

April 12, 2021

The first signs of spring began to appear on campus just before Spring Break.  Like this Photo Gallery of flowers and this Video of Middle School Girls enjoying the sunshine with some impromptu acrobatics!

SGS senior Erika Piotrowski created a bunny therapy program for her CAS project last fall, and has continued to offer this stress reducing opportunity this spring.  "I started a bunny therapy session because I noticed that some of my peers and neighbors would benefit from a stress reducing activity. So, I thought, 'who doesn't love a cute little bunny' and decided to offer petting sessions for people that wanted to de-stress while shooting the breeze. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, because I think people often forget to take a step back and remember the positives life have to offer. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I have the most adorable bunnies, Cadburry and Mopsy, who sell the program."  

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