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Saint George's annual "Scare Away Hunger Campaign" continues through November 2.  Please help your student bring in non-perishable food items for donations.  There are collection bins in the MS and US courtyards and by every LS classroom -- see how the K through 4th graders have decorated their bins in the photos above!  Local families really need foods that are meals, easy to cook, and proteins.  Cereal is also a favorite, but any packaged or canned food is welcome.  Saint George's is 2nd Harvest’s biggest food drive this time of year, and they always look forward to working with us.  

Saint George's hosted the Diocese League cross country meet on Friday, Oct. 1, and our Lower School runners had a great time setting many personal best times.  See photo galleries for the 2nd Grade Girls' race, the 2nd Grade Boys' race, the 3rd-4th Grade Girls' race, the 3rd-4th Grade Boys' race, the 5th Grade Girls' race, and the 5th Grade Boys' race as they ran across the soccer field, up the hill past Davenport House, through the woods, and down the sandhill to the finish line.

October pre-sign-ups are now open for after-school supervision in the Lower School’s After School Enrichment Club (ASE). This an optional service.  If you haven’t already filled out the one-time Authorization Form, it’s found on Power School. Fill out this form separately for each child. If you have already done this, then you don't need to do it again. For a reminder of how ASE is structured, please refer to the After School Enrichment Club Information before filling out the October pre-sign-up form. 

Use this link to access October’s Pre-sign-up Form. Pre-sign-ups will close at 11:59pm on September 29th. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact either Katie Fitzpatrick at, Melanie Gee at, or Rick Petrini at

The Lower School (Grades K-5) offers Pizza Wednesdays, a lunch delivery from Pizza Hut on Wednesdays from October through May.  They are currently taking orders for October 2021 through January 2022.  (A second sign-up form will open in late January for February through May 2022 Pizza Wednesdays.)  Lunches are $6.00 each and the cost will be billed to your student account.  View the LS Pizza Wednesdays Calendar and place your order no later than 4pm on Friday, Sept. 24 on the LS Wednesday Lunch Order Form.

The Lower School Library became a cafe for a day, as the 5th graders enjoyed a "Book Tasting", where they got to sample books from a variety of different genres, writing a few notes about each.  See a Photo Gallery of them in the library preparing for a big reading challenge coming up soon.

5th Graders Update Story Trail

September 13, 2021

The 5th graders put a new book, Dragons Love Tacos, on the Story Trail above campus for the month of September.  See a Photo Gallery of them placing the new pages on the viewing posts, and plan to walk the trail and enjoy the story this month!

The 5th graders, along with their teachers and some Upper School guides, launched canoes into the Little Spokane River on Sept. 10 to float to the Painted Rocks and then hike back to campus.  Nobody fell in the water, and several groups of canoers were able to see moose at a safe distance.  See a Photo Gallery of them launching canoes into the river.

We hope SGS parents will join the Lower School staff for this highly informational evening on Thursday, Sept. 9 beginning at 6:30pm.  Back to School Night is designed for teachers to speak to a broad audience about classroom policies, philosophy, and curriculum.  See Rick Petrini's Letter for more details about the evening.

After raising butterflies in their classroom, the Kindergarten class wore their own butterfly wings as they carried the butterflies out to Graduation Lawn.  See a Photo Gallery of the "big" butterflies releasing their little friends on June 4.

The Lower School kids celebrated the last day of school with the traditional Red & White Games, followed by snacks.  See a Photo Gallery of the variety of games they played before saying goodbye to their teachers and friends for the summer.

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