Lower School News

For Red & White Day on June 9, their last day of school, the Lower School kids got to decorate the tennis courts with chalk art.  See a Photo Gallery of their artwork, including a variety of dragons!

The 5th graders held their annual Bridge Crossing celebration on Friday, June 4.  Students who are moving from the Lower School to Middle School walked between the lines of the younger Lower School students, then individually crossed the little white bridge over the stream to symbolically enter the Middle School.  Their teachers also read 'Kind Words' about each student that their classmates wrote.  The beautiful event signifies a transition to a new chapter for these new Middle School students.  See photo galleries of the Bridge Crossing, the Kind Words Ceremony, and the Class on the Bridge.  Congratulations, 5th graders!

The theme for Thursday, June 3 in the Lower School was, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  The teachers and staff decided to honor their fearless leader, retiring Head of the Lower School Kathy Johnson, by dressing up as her!  See a Photo Gallery of the teachers and staff honoring Kathy, who has her binoculars and travel clothes on to show that she's planning to travel once her time at SGS is done this summer.  Bon Voyage!

The 5th graders researched immigrants to the U.S. from the early 20th century, then dressed up and tried to navigate their own "Ellis Island" experience.  All hoped to become American citizens, but only some got to realize that dream.  See photo galleries of their Ellis Island Experience and the Full Class as Saint George's own huddled mass of immigrants.

The 2nd grade students built windmills out of milk cartons so that when a fan blows on them, the windmill will winch up a bucket (paper cup) of pennies.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations and Video of One Windmill that was able to lift 40 pennies!

The 2nd graders researched important figures from American History and then dressed up as their character to present what they have learned.  See a Photo Gallery of their costumes (can you guess who each one is?) and watch their Wax Museum Presentations (each is a couple minutes long) to find out!

The 3rd graders hiked along the Little Spokane River between Saint George's and the Spokane House historic site on May 27 to learn about the landscape and history of our valley.  See a Photo Gallery of their adventure!

On the morning of May 20th, the Lower School gathered to unveil the new name for the road through campus.  It honors two beloved, retiring educators -- Kathy Johnson, Head of Lower School and former SGS Kindergarten teacher, and Judy Hafso, Lower School Music teacher.  The Hochheimer Family bought the naming rights at the SGS Gala Auction.  A group of 13-year seniors also were present to speak about how each of these great ladies was instrumental in their early education.  See a Photo Gallery and a 12-minute Video of the Dedication Ceremony.  A wonderful tribute to them both!

The 4th graders had a fun activity one morning of making different colored stretchy slime out of glue, contact solution, shaving cream, baking soda, and food coloring!  See a Photo Gallery of their crazy and colorful creations.

The Lower School Running Club cooled off on a hot afternoon in early May by running through the sprinklers on Graduation Lawn and munching popsicles.  See a Photo Gallery of them getting exercise, and wet, at the same time!

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