Lower School News

The 1st graders created an African safari on the walls of the Lower School hallway -- complete with animal displays, books they wrote about Africa, cut-out explorers, an entire Maasai village and an African savanna game park full of colorful animals!  See photo galleries of the Safari Display and of the Maasai Village and Game Park posters full of details about life in Kenya.

Lower School teachers have been busy preparing report cards and getting student work put together to share during the Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences this week on Thursday, Feb. 4 and Friday, Feb. 5.  For parents who have signed-up, you should have received an email from Melanie Gee with instructions on how to access your 25-minute virtual conference on Microsoft Teams.  Your child's classroom teacher will also have pertinent conference information on their classroom PowerSchool Learning page.   Students in grades 4 and 5 will join the virtual parent-teacher conference.  Student report cards will be electronically emailed to parents on Tuesday, Feb. 2.  We ask that parents do not contact teachers before conferences to discuss the report card.  There are no classes for grade K-5 on Feb. 4 and 5.

The 1st graders learned about patterns by creating symmetrical quilt squares out of paper.  See a Photo Gallery of their designs on display in the Lower School hallway.


To honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Kindergarten students shared what they know about Dr. King and some of their own "dreams" for a better world.  See them in this Kindergarten Dream Video on the SGS YouTube channel.

All of the Lower School celebrated 2021 Seconds of Reading on Jan. 8 by dressing in their pajamas and bringing their favorite books and stuffed animals to class.  Unlike past years, the reading was done in their classrooms or from their homes.  Some of the teachers and students also read books to their Distance Learning classmates who are at home.  See photo galleries of the Kindergarten Readers, the 1st Grade Readers, the 2nd Grade Readers, the 3rd Grade Readers, the 4th Grade Readers, and the 5th Grade Readers!  

Lower School students created a variety of drawings, paintings and prints to celebrate winter and the holidays.  Here is a YouTube Slideshow of some of them compiled by Art teacher Jennifer Davenport.

The fourth graders made beeswax “velas” (candles) after a week of learning about the traditional Christmas celebration of Las Posadas in Spanish class.  See a Photo Gallery of the creative process and the final results.

Pairs of 5th graders tried to help each other navigate blindfolded through a maze or ropes and rocks in Metters Gym.  See a Photo Gallery of them practicing communication, listening and honesty, since they had to go back to the start if they touched any of the objects!  

The Kindergarten artists painted snowglobes and drew a big snowman family to decorate the Arts Building gallery.  See a Photo Gallery of their snowy creations.

The 1st graders created a winter town across the bottom windows of the Arts Building.  See a Photo Gallery of their colorful creation.

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