Lower School News

Students in 2nd grade read books and then created this Photo Gallery of "book reports" at home to share with their classmates. Their books included "Harry Potter", about space, "The One and Only Ivan", "The Hobbit", and "Finding Winnie".

The 3rd graders have been tracing their family trees as part of their Family History project.  The photo above shows most of the class posing with their family trees during a recent Zoom session.  Nice work!

The Lower School teachers and staff wrote up messages for their students and shared them in this SlideShow.  Keep up the good work at home, everyone!

The 3rd grade class put together a business plan and ran their "Sundae Fundae" business this winter, earning $1,296.25 in net profit.  They chose to send their profit to the Bee Informed Partnership, which helps sustain honeybees across the country.  See the great Zoom Video from the Bee Informed Partnership with their appreciation and "Thank You" to the class!

The 2nd graders created a 39-minute video of "friendly aliens" exploring the different parts of the United States for their geography lesson.  Check out their U.S. Geography Video and learn more about this amazing country through their eyes!

The 5th graders became immigrants passing through Ellis Island in a recent classroom simulation.  See photo galleries of them in costume trying to Become Americans, a gallery of them in old fashioned Sepia Tones, and one of their parents playing the role of Immigration Officials as their students experienced what it was like to be an immigrant in 1905.

Our 4th and 5th grade Math Is Cool teams have diligently worked solving math problems after school for the past couple of months.  All their efforts paid off as the teams competed in the regional competition on Feb. 28 at Mt. Spokane High School.  The fourth-grade team took 1st place in their division, with the top individual awards going to Eshan Reddy (1st place), Keagan Wilson (4th place), and Donovan Bradford (5th place).  The fifth-grade MIC team placed 2nd in their division with individual awards going to Taylor Teague (1st place), Adam Ling (3rd place), and Bella Buckner (4th place).  A big thank you to the fifth-grade coaches Sam Wyss and assistant Marshall Roll and to the fourth-grade coach Kristie Slattengren.

The fifth graders are recreating paintings by famous artists in their Art Class. They will display their works in the character of their artist at the Living Artists exhibit on March 30 in the Davenport House.  See a Photo Gallery of them at work on their masterpieces!

Friday, Feb. 14 was not only Valentine's Day, it was also "Career Day" in the Lower School.  See a Photo Gallery of some of the students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades that dressed up as what they would like to do as adults some day!

1st Grade Art Class Photos

February 18, 2020

The first graders enjoyed creating all kinds of heart-themed art during Art Class on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14.  See a Photo Gallery of them being "heart-istic" in Jennifer Davenport's class.

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