IB Highlights: - Research and Vampires

November 01, 2021

A Halloween Treat:  We asked senior Maggie McLaughlin what part of the IB has been most valuable for her, and here was her reply:
"The most valuable experience within the IB was writing the Extended Essay.  I got to research in-depth on a topic I intend to pursue later in college and create my own further advanced analysis.  I figured out a way to combine English, gender studies, and the social ideas surrounding childhood with vampires -- and enjoy the scholarly research process."  Yes, the IB even has a place for vampires.
CAS Experience Highlights:  CAS experiences for all of our Upper School Students this week included serving food and drink on coffee house day, preparing a Chemistry lab, going to the gym, participating in the mentor program, making a cake, participating in JOYA Trunk or Treat, creating a video nomination for a parent, participating in a University of Pennsylvania Soccer ID Camp, participating in Knowledge Bowl, making blood drive posters, participating in the school’s ping pong tournament, performing in the coffee house, participating in the Little Spokane River clean up, and sorting food for the 2nd Harvest Food Bank.
IB Question of the Week:   How has the IB as an organization adapted its requirements for COVID-19?  Overall, the IB organization has addressed the loss of instruction time from COVID-19 with a range of targeted removals and/or amendments of assessment components or submission requirements.  These adaptations aim to empower teachers to address each subject’s aims and objectives with flexibility and fairness.  To find out about all of the ways the IB is responding to the extraordinary challenges ahead, supporting the learning and well-being of students and future generations, follow this link: