Coronavirus Information & Links

March 09, 2020

Dear SGS Community,
I hope you all enjoyed the mid-Winter break.  The timing was good for several reasons, including the evolving situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the general cold and flu season.  Our ultimate concern is for the safety and well-being of our students and community.  I expect families will act in the best interest of their students and the greater community, which includes notifying the school if you or anyone in your family receives a presumptive and/or confirmed diagnosis or comes in contact with someone who has a presumptive and/or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.  
Below is a list of agencies guiding our planning:
• CDC:
• WA State Department of Health:
• Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction:
• NWAIS schools state-wide
• Public school reports
Our action items below are based on the recommendations from the aforementioned agencies:
• Stress the importance of hygienic measures in limiting the spread of the coronavirus – washing hands, coughing in sleeve, staying home when sick, and seeking medical treatment when needed (call your primary care physician first).
• Continuing with the daily cleaning regime with disinfectants on table surfaces, door handles, hand rails, drinking fountains, etc. 
• Monitoring reports on possible school closures and the details that are involved.
• Developing contingency plans in case of a school closure or if someone tests positive in the school community.  
• Each division is set up to address the educational needs of each age group they work with and will cater the programming accordingly with the possibility of “distance learning” in the event of a school closure.  We are hopeful these plans will not be needed but will prepare to maintain some continuity in the learning process. 
Gatherings and Travel Considerations:
• Many of the above agencies are cautious of large gatherings of people and travel.  A suggested strategy if attending populated events is to try to “distance” yourself from others in the crowd.
• With Spring Break fast approaching, I would urge families to be aware of travel advisories internationally and domestically.  Our international students will not be traveling internationally as a result of the travel restrictions currently in place. 
We are approaching this situation from an informed position and trying to balance concern and preparedness without creating panic among our students and families.
If you have questions, please contact me at or by phone.
Jamie Tender, 
Head of School