Middle School News

Middle School parents are invited to an Information Night on the Upper School Experience and the International Baccalaureate Program on Tuesday, Nov. 30 in Founders Theater.  (This is especially helpful for parents of 8th graders, who will be starting their journey through the Upper School next year.)  Learn what makes the SGS Upper School unique and what students can expect in grades 9-12.  Here's the schedule:

Introduction to the Upper School experience; Academics with Dr. Francesca; Clubs, music & arts, mentors, & events with Coach Rickard; Sports with Coach Peplinski.
BREAK with coffee and treats. Upper School students will share their perspectives on the US experience and CAS projects. 
What’s the International Baccalaureate (IB)?; What’s the advantage of IB versus AP?; How does the IB support the college admissions process?; followed by a Q&A time.

Feel free to attend the first part, the second part, or both presentations.  Please RSVP to Paige Halliburton ( if you plan to attend.

Teams of 8th graders competed in the annual Adventure Race on campus on Oct. 5.  They ran across campus to find a lanyard, then passed it along to teammates who ran a cross country course, navigated an obstacle course, shot arrows on the archery course, and paddled a canoe down the Little Spokane River before jumping out and running to the finish.  Congrats to the Minions who finished first.  See a Photo Gallery of the competition and the teams in their outfits.

All of the 6th graders gathered on Sept. 21 to learn about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.  They used Playdoh to make the character for "moon" and then stamped it into a mini-Moon Cake.  They also watched a short video and cut out one of the characters using blue paper.  See a Photo Gallery of all the activity that day.

The 7th grade class spent several days at Camp Spalding on Davis Lake in late September.  Here are photo galleries of them exploring one of four different activities together:  Paddling Kayaks out onto the lake, learning to Fly Fish on the lake, Rock Climbing above the camp, and working through Teambuilding Exercises in the woods above the camp.  Plus a gallery of them during their time at Camp Spalding engaging in other Group & Individual Activities.

Thursday, Sept. 16 is Parent Night at SGS for Middle and Upper School families.  Parents are invited to meet their children’s teachers and learn about their classes.  The evening begins at 6:00pm in Founder Theater for introductions and each family's schedule for the evening, which will run until after 8pm depending on the grade of your student.  (An informational meeting will be held before Parent Night from 5:30-5:55pm in the Dragon Room for the optional Washington D.C. trip in June.  This is open to students currently in grades 7-9.)  See a Parent Night Schedule on the website and plan to meet other parents and teachers for this informative evening!


Students headed into the Middle School on Tuesday, Aug. 27 and Lower School on Wednesday, Aug. 28 posed with "frames" to celebrate their first day of school.  See photo galleries of the Middle Schoolers and the Lower School Students at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year!

After studying rivers all year, the 6th graders built their own boats out of cardboard and tape, then proceeded to race them across a branch of the Little Spokane River.  Check out a Photo Gallery of the soggy competition to see which boats survived the longest!

The Middle School students each completed a Genius Hour project this spring -- learning a new skill, working on a big project, or creating anything from video games to athletic shoes!  They got to share, with students in-person and with family members via live stream, what they attempted, what worked, what didn't, and what they learned from it all.  See a Photo Gallery of some of the presenters.  And here are links to the presentations on May 24th, each about an hour long, from the 10 different groups of students:

Group 1, presented by Esther & Sarah, Colton, Kaden, Bryson, Regan & Jake, Bella, Sophie, and Andrew;
Group 2, presented by Ava, Robert, Britta, Berkley, Michael, Remmy, Natalie & Alessandra, and Joaquin;
Group 3, presented by Ian R., emily, Liam, Brady, Isa, Lindsey, Gannon, and Joe;
Group 4, presented by Simon, Braeden, Thomas, Bailey, Colin, Maya & Sarah, Ian Rizvi, and Gemma;
Group 5, presented by Kaylee, Megan, Bryson & Vihaan, Alisha, Maggie, Jillian, Audra, and Preston;
Group 6, presented by Savvy, Liam, Sam, Shawn & Mason, Max, Joey, and Josie;
Group 7, presented by Delaney & Hadley, Abi, Ellie, Iz, Sophia, Ashley, Grace, and Riley & Kylie;
Group 8, presented by Alex & Lillian, Everett, Hrair & Finn & Will, Thatcher, Oliver, Adrian, and Fallon;
Group 9, presented by Elsa, Janie, Dexter, Vivianne, Jordan, Julianne, Sophia, and Audrey;
Group 10, presented by Carsyn, Katie, Matt & Matt & Per, Edie, Xuxa, Dua, Bella, Gavin, and Ryan.

Saint George's 8th graders were honored in the annual Stepping Up ceremony on June 9 in the Schmidt Center Gym.  Parents, 6th graders, and 7th graders gathered to watch 8th graders win awards for their hard work in various subjects.  The awards culminated with the Head of School Cup, which this year went to two 8th graders for their prowess in academics, athletics, and the arts – congratulations to Oliver and Elsa!  The event included a slideshow of photos from the past year and wrapped up with individual student introductions and a reception with family and friends.  See the full video of the Stepping Up Ceremony, the Slide Show of Middle School images, and a Photo Gallery of the event.


The 8th graders have a “Humanitarian Efforts” theme for the year.  On Monday, June 7, their Theme Day included two different experiences.  In the morning, students heard from speakers from the Union Gospel Mission share their stories and their goal of helping end homelessness in Spokane.  Then they visited Transitions, a local non-profit organization that supports homeless and low-income women and children.  The students worked on various projects to help clean up outbuildings and get the lawns and playground areas ready for summer.  Thanks for helping make Spokane a better place for everyone!

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