Chad & Dave's New Movie Podcast

May 04, 2020

To combat boredom, Dave Holte and Chad Rigsby are planning to watch a movie a week and discuss it online.  After all, everyone loves a good movie during quarantine!  For our podcast, we’re imagining a panel conversation; watch the movie and join in the conversation. 

This week’s “Movie of the Week” is Steven Spielberg’s Jaws—the original summer blockbuster—about a shark terrorizing a small coastal town on the Fourth of July.  (Jaws hit theaters before there was a PG-13 rating, but that’s probably what it would earn now for violence.)  

Students, faculty and staff interested in joining Chad and Dave on Wednesday night and talking over Jaws can shoot an email to or  They will also have a “mailbag,” so send them questions or conversation pieces about the film or related topics ahead of time and they’ll try to answer them.  They plan on making this a weekly event, with different guests in every podcast.