The Best Upper School Lip Sync Videos

March 22, 2021

Spirit Week's Friday featured a lunchtime Lip Sync contest.  Here are YouTube videos of:

"The Ketchup Song":  James, Jack, Max, Maddy and Lydia perfected these dance moves in their Spanish Class.  Here they move to The Ketchup Song from Just Dance.

"Holding Out for a Hero": Nico, Kyley and Aidan were "Holding Out for a Hero" in the Lip Sync contest.

"Since You've Been Gone": Good teachers have some acting ability, but few can match our new Bio teacher Ethan Kane, who knocks this lip sync out of the park! 

"Never Gonna Give You Up": Max Rickard makes you believe him with this performance.

"Classic": The Upper School boys shared their energetic version of "Classic". 

"Footloose": Saint George’s Upper School Principal Francesca Mulazzi and PE/Health Teacher Mark Rickard cut “Footloose”.  Now that’s spirit!