Tuition and Financial Aid

Keeping a great education affordable
Saint George’s families value education and are committed to making quality education a priority. They understand that competitive colleges increasingly demand strong writing and mathematical skills of incoming freshman.  These colleges also want students who are critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and well-rounded individuals – in other words, the kind of students who attend Saint George’s.
The school in turn understands the need to keep a great education affordable. We are fortunate to have teachers, administrators, parents, and trustees who are committed to supporting quality programs for an economically diverse student community.  On average, tuition and fees have risen less than the rate of inflation over the past five years.  Student expenses for the 2021-22 school year will be:


$18,660     Kindergarten
$21,540     First - Fifth Grades
$22,520     Sixth - Eighth Grades
$22,960     Ninth - Twelfth Grades
$31,050     International


(you must choose one)
$1,855       Full-time Rider/Athletic/Activity Bus
$1,375       Half-time Rider/Athletic/Activity Bus
   $830       Athletic/Activity Bus

(See Tuition Payment Plans and Financial Aid PDF for details on book fees, school supplies, and optional expenses.)

As an independent school, our financial support comes from tuition-paying families and charitable gifts, instead of church or state funds. This support enables Saint George’s to allocate over $1.6 million dollars to our Financial Aid program, providing funds for more than 35% of our student body.

To learn how you can qualify for financial aid, please refer to the Financial Aid documents on this page.