Social Activities

Students have fun and form lasting friendships

Our students work hard, but life is more than academics and competition. Through student government, they orchestrate events throughout the year to bring the classes together for some fun. Lower School students love celebrating holidays and special events in the classroom and as a whole division. From the Kindergarten's Thanksgiving feast to the Lower School's Basketball Night, students enjoy sharing a meal and games with new friends.  

Middle School students start out the year with a swimming party in the Little Spokane River that runs through campus. They fill up the Dragon Room with socials and dances three or four times a year. The Associated Student Body (ASB) organizes luaus, bingo nights, formal dances, outdoor concerts, BBQs, Mardi Gras, Spirit Weeks and many other activities that add music and energy to the Upper School. Students at Saint George’s find ample opportunities to have fun as a school!