Lower School News

Saint George's chess players had a lot of success at the State Elementary Chess Tournament this weekend.  Eshan Reddy (4.0) earned a trophy and only lost to the top rated 3rd grader in the state.  Noah Hockheimer and Donovan Bradford (both 3.0) also earned trophies, and their combined score put the 1st-3rd grade team in 33rd place overall.  Our 4th and 5th graders all won games as well.  Per Sande (2.5), Adrian Rooney (2.0), and Preston Sevigny (1.5) all received state championship medals.  The team finished 66th in the 4th-6th grade category.  The event was the largest chess event in Washington state history with 1432 competitors -- see a Photo Gallery of our top players.  Go Dragons!

The Whitworth Choir performed for Saint George's Lower School students on Thursday, April 25.  Not only did our students have the opportunity to hear an adult choir, but the Whitworth students demonstrated vocal ranges and explained the different vocal sections of a choir.  Marc Hafso, husband of SGS LS Music teacher Judy Hafso, is the Whitworth conductor.

The After School Care kids enjoyed meeting a cute bunny and hunting for Easter Eggs around the Lower School playground on Thursday, April 18.  See a Photo Gallery of the eggs being hidden, the mad scramble to find the eggs, and the happy results!

The 3rd graders shared posters, stories, artifacts and foods from their family histories at Friday Assembly and a party afterwards on April 19, 2019.  See a Photo Gallery of their family history creations. 

The Lower School Choir's Spring Concert on April 11 in Founders Theater included a variety of music.  The full choir of 3rd-5th graders sang three "Mark Twain Quotes", the 4th graders played a rhythm piece from Zimbabwe called "Mbira Jama", and the full choir ended their performance with the song "Kwaheri". Thanks to all the teachers, parents, and students who made the concert possible!

Saint George's students' "Generosity of Spirit" is reaching out to help others in need.  The 3rd graders will donate all $646.19 of profits from their business, Sunny Snack Shack, to a California community trying to rebuild after last summer's horrific wildfires.  Third-grade teacher Denie Inman reached out to Paradise Unified School District, and their response was one of pure gratitude.  The business donation will go towards purchasing needed science supplies, such as solar and wind kits, along with passes for their first and third-graders to go on a field trip to Table Mountain.  

"Table Mountain is a local formation that has amazing wildflower blooms this time of year," said the educational coordinator for Paradise District.  "With the rain we have had following the fire, wildflowers are blooming in uncommon numbers.  This will be an amazing experience for these students.  It really touches everyone to know we are still in your thoughts." 

The Lower School Variety Show on March 21 featured students performing music, dance, and martial arts in Founders Theater.  See a Photo Gallery of all the performers, as well as a Video Medley of their acts and a special video of the Dragons' Water Follies.  

The 1st-3rd grade chess team earned 25th place in a field of 159 teams at the State Elementary Chess Championships in the Tri-Cities on April 21.  1st-3rd teammates included Noah Hochheimer, Eshan Reddy, Adrian Rooney, Donovan Bradford, and Preston Sevigny.  Coach James Stripes reports that the high scorer from SGS was 5th grader Rohan Dhillon, who tied for 7th place overall among all 188 individual competitors.  He and 4th grader Per Sande represented the 4th-6th graders at State.  See a Photo Gallery of some of the competitors and their trophies.  Go Dragons!

The Lower School spent their last morning of school competing in a variety of fun outdoor games and creative activities.  See a Photo Gallery and Video Part 1 and Video Part 2 (because there was too much fun to fit into just one video) of the end of the school year! 

The 3rd grade class hiked several miles through Riverside State Park on May 25th to the Spokane House site for living history demonstrations from the fur trading era.  See a Photo Gallery of their hike and visit.

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