Arts News

Saint George's 7th and 8th graders took the stage on Dec. 9 to perform "Suessical - The Musical" to an appreciative audience.  See their opening number "O the Thinks You Can Think" from the colorful, tuneful show!

The 1st graders made gingerbread houses to display in the Art Building's windows for parents to see when they drive by.  See a Photo Gallery of the creative process and some of their delicious houses!

The 6th graders had classes on photography this fall, then went outside to see what they could capture of the SGS campus. View a Photo Gallery of some of their images from this fall, including a heart of leaves where the colors have been altered.


Lauren Boubel's Math class created drawings of tesselations, where a single pattern is repeated across the page but at different angles.  See a Photo Gallery of this creative, colorful math assignment! 

The 2nd graders learned how to draw an optical illusion in their art class before Thanksgiving.  Here's a Photo Gallery of them at work creating, coloring, and cutting out their triangular illusions.

5th Art Class Gets Creative

November 29, 2021

The 5th graders completed various forms of art during a recent class, including optical illusions, water color, and painting.  See a Photo Gallery of their different projects.

The Lower School students were busy this past week practicing songs, dances, and instrumental tunes for their Holiday Concerts coming up in December.  See photo galleries of the Kindergarten Music Class singing, the 1st Grade Music Class dancing with colorful scarves, the 3rd Grade Music Class dancing with colorful sticks, and the 4th Grade Music Class playing coffee-can drums.

The Kindergarten artists made snowflakes using piper cleaners and colorful beads to celebrate the first snowfall on campus.  See a Photo Gallery of their creations -- no two are alike, just like the real flakes!

The 3rd graders designed trees out of clay, which they individualized with different styles and prints.  See a Photo Gallery of them creating these holiday decorations.  When they are painted and fired, a battery-powered candle will make each tree glow from within.  

The 7th and 8th graders illustrated a world record holder.  Check out a Photo Gallery of their world records, which could be made up or based on real events.

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