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Saint George's Jazz Choir won the high school ensemble category at the University of Idaho's Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival on Feb. 21-22.  Reagan Ivey won two Outstanding Soloist Awards for "Cloudburst" and for "Green Dolphin Street" at the prestigious competition that draws musicians from throughout the Northwest.  Caroline He also won an Outstanding Soloist Award for "California Dreamin'."  The Choir was invited to sing in the Winner Concert, where they performed "Cloudburst" with Reagan's solo.  See videos of Reagan Singing "Over the Rainbow" with the Jazz Quintet and Caroline's Solo on "Killing Me Softly" with the Jazz Choir.  Thanks to Lisa Baird for the videos.


See Kindergarten Music Class

February 15, 2019

The Kindergarten class enjoyed a heart-focused music class on Valentine's Day.  See a Photo Gallery of Judy Hafso's class with their musical valentines and red feathers.

View three videos of songs performed at the SGS Chinese New Year celebration to welcome the Year of the Pig on Tuesday, Feb. 5.  The 7th-8th-9th graders in Chinese class sing "Happy New Year."  The SGS Band performs "Chengdu" with vocals by Caroline He and Kaitlyn Vera and violin solo by Alex Anderson.  And Caroline He (accompanied by David Demand) sings "Big Fish", a romantic song from a recent Chinese movie.  

The Upper School art students finished their " Where's Waldo" style drawings.  See a Photo Gallery of these pretty busy drawings!

SGS musicians finished 1st in three of the eight divisions they entered at the regional Solo & Ensemble competition on Saturday, Feb. 2.  Caroline He won the Alto division, Reagan Ivey won the Mezzo-Soprano division, and Caroline and Reagan combined to win the Women's Small Ensemble division.  All three performances earned a Superior rating.  Max Rickard was 1st Alternate in the Baritone division (Superior), and the Chamber Choir received a Superior rating and earned 1st Alternate status.  Ethan Wu earned 2nd Alternate award in the Piano division (Superior).  

Congratulations as well to the SGS Choir for a Superior 1 rating, while Rona Smith earned a Superior rating as an 8th grader in the Soprano division.  Reagan also earned a Superior rating in the Violin division.  Singers Ben Clark, Sarah Coleman, Alex Gustafson, John Nowland, Jaxon Spackman, and Ella Stiller all received Excellent ratings.  "This was a great showing," says music director David Demand, as the division winners will compete at the State Solo & Ensemble competition this spring in Ellensburg.

Ten Upper School ceramics students have created a multitude of clay birds with inspiring or hopeful words on them.  See a Photo Gallery of them in the Art Gallery exhibit space, and then in January anyone is welcome to pick a bird that speaks to them and take it home to decorate your new year!

The All School Talent Show on Jan. 24 featured a wide variety of musical performances - from Chinese instruments to piano compositions to rap to head-banger rock - as well as dance and comedy.  The show raised $260 for the local Ronald McDonald House.  See a Photo Gallery of the performers, as well as videos of Winnie Wu playing a Traditional Chinese Piece on the Guzheng and The Wiggles playing with their food in "Fruit Salad."

Upper School art students spent a recent class working on detailed drawings in the style of Where's Waldo.  See a Photo Gallery of these 9th graders and their busy creations.

We know "Dragons' Got Talent!"  SGS students have been auditioning for the All School Talent Show, so come this Thursday, Jan. 24 at 6pm to Founders Theater to see the proof!   

The 6th and 7th graders have been practicing their drawing skills.  See a Photo Gallery of their work, which is on display in the entrance hall to the Middle School.

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