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This Friday, Sept. 13 is the Upper School "Hot Pot Potluck" from 5-7pm in the US Courtyard.  Then at 6:30pm enjoy watching "Spiderman - Into the Spiderverse" for Outdoor Movie Night on the Graduation Lawn.  Weather forecast is for mid-70s and dry with a slight breeze, so should be nice for the movie!  

Hot Pot is a Chinese cooking method where ingredients of meats, tofu, veggies and noodles are added to a simmering pot of soup stock.  We will supply the rice, condiments and some dumplings.  This will be an informal, fun, "take your time" cooking and eating session.  We will have about 7-9 hot pots going, so hopefully it all works out!  Click on Read More to see what each student should bring...

See a variety of photos from the May 31 Graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019.  See photo galleries of Candid Shots from before the ceremony, Photos by the Bridge with friends and families, the Start of the Ceremony, Kind Words for seniors with last names starting from A to J, Kind Words for those with last names starting K-Z, the Ceremony Closing, and the Reception in ESAC.  Congratulations to all 37 members of the Class of 2019!

Thirty-seven members of the Class of 2019 crossed Graduation Bridge and received their diplomas from family and mentors on May 31.  Watch a Video of the SGS faculty and Class of 2019 marching out following the Angus Scott Pipe Band after the Graduation Ceremony.  Also see the Inlander Ad that highlighted each graduate and many of the colleges and universities that they were accepted to.  And look for photo galleries of Graduation on the website in the next week or two...

Each class lined up on the Davenport House lawn before the start of the Dragon Dance on Friday, Aug. 30.  Then the senior class, under their dragon, marched across Graduation Lawn with the rest of the student body following behind them for the annual celebration that kicks off the first week of school.  See photo galleries of the Classes on Davenport Lawn and of the Dragon Dance weaving across Graduation Lawn!

Twelve members of the Class of 2020, who started at SGS in Kindergarten, returned to their first classroom on Friday, Aug. 30.  See a Photo Gallery of them posing with their former Lower School teachers, showing off a few of their own Dragon stories from 2007, meeting the new Kindergarten class, and then introducing them to the rest of the school in the Schmidt Center Gym after the Dragon Dance.

New Upper School students -- whether rising 9th graders or students new to SGS -- were matched up with an Upper School mentor on the first day of school.  They spent time getting to know each other, answering questions about life in the Upper School, and planning future activities to help everyone feel welcomed into the Upper School community.  See a Photo Gallery of the "Path of the Dragon" program in action!

Come watch the K-12 Dragon Dance as the dragon winds its way across Davenport Lawn down to the Graduation Platform.  Students will form the very long dragon, led by the seniors, on the Davenport Hill beginning at 2:15 pm.  Once the students are down by the Graduation Platform, the Kindergartners will be introduced by the seniors who have attended SGS since kindergarten.  Then the LS students and each class from grade 6-12 will present their special song, dance, chant, or whatever their imaginations come up with to express their class identity.  The Dragon Dance is a unique school tradition that brings the oldest to the youngest students together for a fun-filled event to kick off the first week of school.  Hope to see you there!  

SGS Middle School students and teachers (along with Lakeside MS) spent several days in Washington DC and New York City in mid-June. See a Photo Gallery of them exploring the Capital's monuments and memorials, the Gettysburg battlefield, the Amish Country, and finishing with New York's sites and two shows (Blue Man Group and King Kong).

Muggles beware! The Harry Potter Camp featured wizards and spells and games at Hogwarts Americana.  See a Photo Gallery of the students in their "house scarves" during this fun mid-July week-long camp.

The Upper School's Junior-Senior Prom on May 25, 2019 began for some of the attendees with photos in Manito Park's Duncan Gardens.  The Prom set sail that evening on a cruise boat on Lake Coeur d'Alene.  See a Photo Gallery of shots by Bob Jones of the students all dressed up!

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