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The 2019 "Battle for the Holy Grail" spirit competition featured the 1960s (SGS "Hippies") vs the 1980s (NWC "Back to the Future") competition at Northwest Christian on Friday, January 18.  Thanks to everyone who prepared signs, dances and cheers, and to all the students, staff and parents who brought their enthusiasm to the event.  On the court, the SGS girls team fell to NWC 60-45, while the Dragon boys won their contest 54-43 on the strength of an 18-3 third quarter rally.  The Crusaders retained the Holy Grail, but both schools showed great spirit, including gathering clothing and donations for Teen & Kid Closet to help local foster children.

See photo galleries of the Spirit Preparations, the Afternoon Pep Rally, the Girls Varsity Game, the Boys Varsity Game, the Signs & Costumes, and the Dragon Cheers

Seventh graders Jaiden Nagra and Ellis Benson have organized a Kneaded Hearts drive for warm items like gloves, hats, scarfs, coat (may be slightly used or new).  The drive will focus on collecting warm items for Shiloh Hills Elementary students through the 18th of January.  Ellis says, "our fundamental goal is to demonstrate the reaches of poverty to our students.  This drive is part of our Genius Hour project, which is a project that Middle School students do in English."  Look for bins in both the Middle and Upper School courtyards and donate warm items for local students in need.

The Upper School's Winter Formal Dance on Saturday, Jan. 5 featured a photo booth and plenty of well-dressed students.  See a Photo Gallery of the evening's finery and friends.

All the TEDxSpokane 2018 speakers' videos are now live on the TEDxSpokane YouTube Channel.  If you didn't make it to the Oct. 6 event (originated and sponsored by Saint George's School), then this is your chance to see 13 talks about ideas worth sharing.  From local doctors and architects to "poetry activists" and the national Teacher of the Year, these speakers are sure to spark some new ideas as they focus on the theme of "Beyond Ourselves". 

Holiday Feast Photos to View

January 03, 2019

Middle and Upper School students and staff gathered in the US Courtyard for the annual Holiday Feast on Dec. 19 just before their holiday break.  See a Photo Gallery of the families who served the food and students' festive outfits!

Recent graduates returned to share in the annual Holiday Feast on Dec. 19.  See a Photo Gallery of these alumni who enjoyed seeing old friends.

Saint George's School is helping to reduce carbon emissions in the Northwest, powering both a more sustainable world and the best educational experience in the Spokane area!

Beginning in December 2018, Saint George's is now buying about 50% of its electricity through the Avista Solar SelectTM program.  That amounts to more than 310,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, which are generated by the largest solar array in Washington state near Lind using 81,700 panels covering 200 acres.  SGS is one of 60 local businesses in the Solar Select program that are filling up to half of their electric needs with renewable solar power.  Thanks to state and federal incentives, Avista does not charge an additional cost to the school to purchase electricity from the program.  See the Solar Select - Facts & FAQs document on the SGS website for more details on how the power of the sun is now powering learning at SGS. 

At the Dec. 14 Friday Assembly, Lower School Head Kathy Johnson was delightfully surprised when representatives from Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU) presented Saint George's School with a check for $1000 in honor of Carmen Murphy, a second-grade parent, for her 36.5 volunteer hours given to the school.  See an STCU video of the presentation (Carmen is the second STCU volunteer highlighted in the video) via YouTube or Facebook

The STCU Volunteers Count program gives awards to non-profits where its employees volunteer.  Thank you for the generous gift, and we commend STCU for encouraging their employees to volunteer in the community.  It truly is a gift to us all!

Students Help at Santa Express

December 10, 2018

Thanks to the 13 SGS "Elves" who helped out at the Santa Express on Dec. 9 to help make Christmas brighter for local kids.  See a Photo Gallery of them at work.

The 1st graders joined the 8th graders for waffles on Nov. 26 as prize for their class' accomplishments in the fall SGS Food Drive.  The 1st grade won the LS contest for best decorated food bins, while the 8th graders had the highest per person contributions to the drive in the Middle School.  See a Photo Gallery of them enjoying a sweet treat together.

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