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Lower School students can turn in their Silverwood "READ 2 RIDE" forms to their teacher or LS Librarian Lynette Georgeson by 4pm on Wednesday, March 31 to qualify.  If you have lost the reading log that came home in December, another can be found and printed off from Power School Learning "Kathy’s & LS News" page -- on the left side there is a tab called “Forms and Fliers” and the Read 2 Ride reading log can be found there.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Thank you to everyone that has donated thus far to the SGS Parent Annual Fund Drive.  We have reached $125,000 of our goal for the year of $175,000 to support our students and faculty.  You have until June 30, 2021 to make a contribution to the Annual Fund.  Just go to to donate today. 

The Upper School's Spirit Week March 15-19 featured student competitions each day.  Here are a bunch of photo galleries of the activities!

On Monday, students and staff shared their Favorite Background Images of where they'd like to be when they are distance learning.  The gallery has their teachers' favorites.  On Tuesday, it was Twin Day with all kinds of folks dressed alike.  The lunchtime competition was Egg Roulette, where students plopped an egg onto their partner's head to see if it was boiled or raw!  Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day with everyone in green.  That day featured a Trivia Competition where everyone could text the answers to their class representatives.  On Thursday, it was Jersey Day supporting a wide assortment of teams.  The lunch competition was the classic Hungry Hippos Game, where students were rolled across the courtyard floor to gobble up as many balls as possible.  And Friday was the day to wear pajamas and participate in the mid-day Lip Sync Competition.  Thanks to the ASB for organizing the fun activities and the Bingo Night on Friday that finished off the week.

How much fun was the Upper School Spirit Week?  Check out these YouTube videos:  

Spirit Week's Egg Roulette competition had students plop an egg onto their partner's head.  Three raw egg splatters and they're out!  Here are the last two eggs... were they raw or boiled?

The Hungry Hungry Hippos competition featured each class sending students rolling across the courtyard floor to gobble up as many balls as possible in the time allowed.  Go Hippos! 

Spirit Week's Friday featured a lunchtime Lip Sync contest.  Here are YouTube videos of:

"The Ketchup Song":  James, Jack, Max, Maddy and Lydia perfected these dance moves in their Spanish Class.  Here they move to The Ketchup Song from Just Dance.

"Holding Out for a Hero": Nico, Kyley and Aidan were "Holding Out for a Hero" in the Lip Sync contest.

"Since You've Been Gone": Good teachers have some acting ability, but few can match our new Bio teacher Ethan Kane, who knocks this lip sync out of the park! 

"Never Gonna Give You Up": Max Rickard makes you believe him with this performance.

"Classic": The Upper School boys shared their energetic version of "Classic". 

"Footloose": Saint George’s Upper School Principal Francesca Mulazzi and PE/Health Teacher Mark Rickard cut “Footloose”.  Now that’s spirit!  

A big thank you to everyone who donated blood last week to the SGS Blood Drive.  SGS Community Service Director Melanie Mildrew announced a record turnout of 36 successful donors, which resulted in 43 units of blood collected (some people donated twice).  Your generosity will not only help the greater Spokane community, but it also earned Saint George's a $2,000 STEM grant!

The upcoming Saint George’s School Blood drive will be on Wednesday, March 17 from 7:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. in Metters Gym.  You can use this link to Register to Donate.  If your child (age 16 or 17) is interested in donating as well, you will need to fill out and print their Minor Donor Consent Form.  Please make sure you and/or your child are eligible to donate by reviewing the Donor Eligibility Page.  And filling out this Fast Track Form will speed your donation process.  Masks and social distancing are required at the donation center.  Please donate to save the lives of people in our community.  There is currently a significant shortage of blood, so it is more important than ever to donate!

Sports are happening and the weather is warming, so it's time for a Spring Spirit Week in the Upper School!  Here's what students can plan for:

> Monday, March 15 (Distance): Funny Teams Background Day -- If you were not here, where would you like to be?  Teachers will submit their favorite backgrounds to Coach R.
> Tuesday, March 16 (hybrid): Twin Day -- Egg Roulette with your twin, alternating breaking eggs on your twin’s head (last 15 minutes of lunch). 
> Wednesday, March 17 (hybrid): St. Patrick’s Day/Green Day -- Jeopardy/trivia hosted by Josh Hayes (digital devices allowed).
> Thursday, March 18 (hybrid): Jersey Thursday -- Hungry, Hungry Hippos (1 minute duels, 8 team bracket, two teams from each grade).
> Friday March 19 (hybrid): Pajama Day -- Battle of the Bands & Lip Sync!

The ASB will also host a hybrid Bingo Night at 7:00pm Friday night in the Upper School courtyard. Look for the Teams invite and join in-person or from home.  Go Dragons!

If you are looking for a way to volunteer that helps local international families, consider World Feast Kitchen.  Melanie Mildrew, SGS Community Service Director, says the kitchen at 3rd and Cedar helps immigrant and former refugee chefs cook and sell meals from their home countries.  Learn more at and see all the great meals people can order each week.  Sign Up to Volunteer Here

Middle School students chose a word they would like to achieve or become in 2021. Then they wrote them in Spanish or Chinese and decorated these drawings on the Middle School entrance hallway wall.  See a Photo Gallery of their colorful good words. 

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