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The Lower School (Grades K-5) offers Pizza Wednesdays, a lunch delivery from Pizza Hut on Wednesdays from October through May.  They are currently taking orders for October 2021 through January 2022.  (A second sign-up form will open in late January for February through May 2022 Pizza Wednesdays.)  Lunches are $6.00 each and the cost will be billed to your student account.  View the LS Pizza Wednesdays Calendar and place your order no later than 4pm on Friday, Sept. 24 on the LS Wednesday Lunch Order Form.

The senior class continued the tradition of wearing costumes for their Picture Day on Sept. 16.  See some of their unusual outfits and big smiles in this Photo Gallery.

Picture Days Are Sept. 15 & 16

September 13, 2021

Lower School Picture Day is Wednesday, Sept. 15; Picture Day for Middle and Upper School students is Thursday, Sept. 16.  All students need to bring their order forms with them to Picture Day, whether they are ordering photos or not, since the photographers use them to keep everyone’s photos organized.  Thanks!

Five seniors, who started at SGS in Kindergarten, posed with the incoming Kindergarten and 1st grade classes and with some of their Lower School teachers on the day of the Dragon Dance.  See a Photo Gallery of how much they have grown since they were new Dragons 13 years ago!


Just a reminder that the speed limit on the road leading to the SGS campus is 25 miles per hour.  There is no shoulder and the road has many blind hills and curves.  Not only do people in the neighborhood routinely use the road for walking, but our own 2nd-12th grade cross country runners are out there daily.  Once you approach the school gates, the speed limit drops to 10 miles per hour throughout the campus.  With parents and siblings dropping off and picking up students this first week of school, please go slow and watch for students crossing the road.  With athletic practices, the campus is going to be busy even after 5pm.

How do you chronicle a school year like 2021?  The new issue of Saint George’s Magazine honors Kathy Johnson, who has touched so many lives in her more than three decades as a SGS teacher and leader.  It also features students who discovered and pursued their passions – photography, cooking, climbing, service – and learned more about the world and themselves.  It recognizes the Class of 2021 who won their own version of “Survivor” and their prize was getting to graduate in-person together.   (Their student speaker put the year’s lessons into rap lyrics!)  The magazine captures moments from all the sports seasons that were squeezed into just four months.  An SGS graduate explores the history and legend of St. George from her neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt.  And what record of this year would be complete without photos of everyone’s required accessory – the mask!  

See all of this and links to a whole lot of additional photos and videos from this remarkable year at

Upper School students returned to campus on Monday, Aug. 30, while Middle School students arrived for their first classes on Aug. 31, and the Lower School kids returned on Sept. 1.  The theme for the year is TEAM DRAGON, so pom poms were in abundance, as you can see in these photo galleries of some of the Lower School students, Middle School students, and Upper School students on their first days. 

Saint George's has purchased its own school busses and hired drivers for the 2021 school year.  Welcome to our five drivers, including new Transportation Manager John Young.  A native of England with a background in training and safety, John drove for SGS in 2019-20 and will be driving route #5 (Northwest).  Ivo Siemens, with a background in science, has driven for SGS for 17 years.  Ivo will be driving route #1 (South Hill - West).  Cindy Binsfield will be driving route #2 (South Hill - East).  She was a sergeant in the US Air Force and employee of the year for a previous bus company.  Mindy Longwill will be driving students to and from the Valley on route #3.  She worked as a paralegal prior to becoming a bus driver.  And Brenda Wood will be driving the Northeast corridor on route #4.  Her background is as a safety manager and trainer. 

Saint George's new busses were purchased from Issaquah School District in the Seattle area and our drivers checked them out and drove them back to Spokane last week.  Bus service for SGS students began on Tuesday, Sept. 7.  Parents can see details on the new routes and stops in an email they received from Jamie Tender on Sept. 3.   

The traditional Dragon Dance returned to Davenport and Graduation Lawns on Sept. 3rd to welcome the start of another school year at Saint George's.  See photo galleries of the Classes Lined Up before the event and students in the Dragon Dance.  Plus view a three-minute YouTube Video of the start of the Dragon Dance!

Upper School students returned to campus on Monday, Aug. 30.  The theme for the year is TEAM DRAGON, so pom poms were in abundance, as you can see in this Photo Gallery.  After a morning meeting and announcements, it was time to greet friends and check out their new classes.

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